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Léon Wennekes parts ways with PTC and CINET

In the past weeks it was agreed upon that Léon Wennekes will change his career into other activities and stop his work for CINET and the other trade associations in PTC (Professional Textile Care) including his function as Secretary General of CINET. He is preparing a trip (as far as Corona allows it) for the next months. After the first of July he will not be directly involved in the work of the associations, only execute specific, ad hoc research assignments as a freelancer while taking some time off for a sabbatical.

Since 2003 Léon has been working in the family business M&P Bureauservice BV which has been the firm executing the secretariat services for the trade associations. Since he was 15 years old he has been involved in communication projects and event management, first for the Dutch trade associations and later for CINET. In those days his tasks were mainly centered around social media and PR-activities as well as supporting event management.



Along the way his tasks and projects became more detailed. During his study Business Administration at the Radboud University in Nijmegen he kept working in the business one or two days a week and he finished his bachelor degree with a thesis focused on marketing titled: ‘Drivers in the consumer market that can stimulate the usage of professional textile cleaning’. After his bachelor he worked one year fulltime for the trade associations before starting his master ‘Organizational Design & Development’ at the Radboud University. This degree was also completed with a master thesis related to textile care titled: “The Key to Future Success in Professional Textile Cleaning: Italy”. After his studies several internships abroad followed. He worked at companies in China, Indonesia and the USA. Also he executed a market research in the field in India, exploring collaborations to set up a trade association for professional textile care in India. In the years that followed he was active in numerous countries at all sorts of events, gaining practical experience in the world of professional textile care.



In this orientation phase he also co-authored the various book publications of CINET titled ‘The World of PTC’. He wrote a large part of the content from volume 2: “Market Characteristics and Trends” (published september 2013), volume 5: “New Business Models & Showcases” (June 2016), an extensive market study to the rise of Laundry on Demand (December 2016) and volume 6: “Digitization & E-commerce” (September 2018). In the summer of 2016 he was granted the position of Secretary General of CINET, contributing to the growth of this umbrella association which anno 2020 has over 100 members from nearly 40 countries.

CINET’s World of PTC book series




In the last years he was also working as project manager for the Dutch trade associations NETEX and FTN. He developed several projects in the field of digitization & logistics, setting up collaborations with the Data2Move community from the technical University of Eindhoven and analyzing business development opportunities for existing and new markets (for example in an EY study published in April, 2019). Numerous articles were published by his hand in the Dutch trade magazine Textielbeheer, both for Retail textile cleaning and industrial textile services. Soon his new book (volume 7) will be published focused on digitization, sustainability, circularity and hygiene in PTC titled: “Building New PTC Markets”.

Introduction of the Data2Move themes & video: A Day out of the Life of a Towel



Léon presented the outcomes of his studies in many countries, during all major PTC events across the globe in Germany, China, USA, Russia, France, UK, Italy, India, Indonesia, The Middle-East and of course in Belgium and the Netherlands. Besides this he was involved in the development of CINET’s ‘World of PTC Business School’ and ‘CERCLEAN® International Certification’, of which distribution partnerships were set up with trade associations in China, India and several other countries. Furthermore he was heavily involved in the organization of the Global Best Practice Award programs of CINET, in which hundreds of leading laundries all over the world participated since 2016.

Presentation at National Convention in Delhi, India with some 1000 visitors from the professional laundry industry (September, 2019)


Word of thanks

Leon: “I’ve always really enjoyed working for professional textile care industry, both internationally and in the Netherlands. In my social circles it usually took some time to explain how professional textile care (as one of the best kept secrets in society) actually ensures that all sorts of markets function properly (health care, hospitality, trade & industry and retail), but it never took long before people understand the value. Despite the Corona crisis & and the ‘Great Lockdown’ I’m convinced of the added value of PTC and believe the future will be prosperous for this industry. I really pity the scheduled events can’t continue due to Corona, originally the Global Awards 2020 would have been the highlight enabling me to say goodbye to so many great people in person. Nevertheless I would like to take this moment and thank you all for the wonderful opportunity working with you over the past years. It was genuinely a magnificent adventure, learning from a wide range of different companies all over the world. I realize it’s been a most fortunate position for which I’m sincerely grateful. Lastly I’d like to thank my parents in particular for supporting and pushing me towards personal development. It’s not always easy working with so many interests of different members but the time is very precious to me and surely it has created a marvelous starting point for next steps in the future which is currently still unclear.


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Winners of the India Best Practices Awards & First DLAI Convention

A new pre-selection chapter of The Global Best Practices Awards Program 2020, the India Best Practices Awards took place in Mumbai, India today and yesterday (15 & 16 February), organized by CINET and DLAI (Dry cleaning and Laundry Association of India). The pitch presentations were organized before the first General Assembly of DLAI on 15 February. Subsequently the 16th of February was reserved for a full day of conference program. The afternoon was split up between RTC (Retail Textile Cleaning) and ITS (Industrial Textile Services) where CINET trainers gave a Master Class from the World of PTC Business School. The India Awards were organized in close cooperation with DLAI, many thanks to the DLAI team for the collaboration.

The nominees anxiously pitch their company in 5 minutes to an enthusiastic crowd


First-ever DLAI annual convention

The Annual Convention of DLAI on 16 February took place in the Courtyard by Marriot in Mumbai and hosted some 200-250 people. CINET contributed to the program with a key note speech on global trends and challenges, an introduction on the partnership of DLAI-CINET on the World of PTC Business School and CERCLEAN and lastly 2 Master Class training programs (one for ITS and one for RTC).

The DLAI convention draws a good crowd at the Courtyard by Marriot hotel next to the airport


An interesting panel discussion with some of Indias most promising entrepreneurs in the field of Retail Laundry Drycleaning


During the convention the strategic partnership between DLAI-CINET was presented once again, starting the collaboration for CERCLEAN certification across India and the World of PTC Business School

WOPCOM platform available for DLAI members

Based on the membership of DLAI to CINET the complete WOPCOM knowledge database is available for DLAI members free of charge. Within the WOPCOM – World of PTC Community – you find over 600 articles on best practices in Professional Textile Care (PTC) including the content of the entire World of PTC book series. Interested? Just send an email to or contact the DLAI secretariat Delhi at +91 73032 82525 or


At the meeting, the new executive committee was presented to DLAI members that will take the lead thriving the association in 2020-2021

Winners RTC

After a tough evaluation on 15 February the India Overall Best Practices Award was won by Laundromania from the Mumbai region. Mercury Drycleaning achieved the Sustainability Award and the Innovation Award was granted to the impressive company ‘Laundrokart’. After receiving the India Overall Best Practices Award RTC, Laundromania representative will be invited to the GBPA2020 Final that will take place in Frankfurt, during Texcare International (June 19 & 20, travel and accommodation reimbursed by CINET). Trophies will be awarded for Innovation and Sustainability, as well.


Laundromania wins the Overall Best Practice Award for Retail Textile Cleaning by doing things the ‘Laundromania way’


In total 12 companies participated in the Awards program of which 9 were retail textile cleaning companies and 3 industrial textile services companies

Winners ITS

Within the ITS category it was Quick Clean that managed to win 2 awards, both the Innnovation award and the Overall Best Practices Award was granted to this outstanding company. The competition with Intensive Clothing Care Unit was extremely close on all fronts. Intensive Clothing Care Unit managed to perform slightly better in the field of sustainability which resulted in the Sustainability Award for this impressive rental company.


Quick Clean takes home the Innovation and Overall Best Practice Awards for the Industrial Textile Services category amongst others based on its innovative solutions for on-premise washing.
Quick Clean: celebrating winning the Indian Overall Best Practices Award (ITS)



Indian Best Practice Awards sponsors





Global Best Practices Awards Sponsors:

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Interesting content & good vibes at the CINET Middle East Best Practices Workshop on 8 December 2019

On Sunday the 8th of December 2019 a group of 24 participants came together at the facilities of Champion Cleaners in Dubai, UAE for the Middle East Best Practices Workshop organized by CINET. From 9 am till 4 pm a full program was set up for the laundries from the region, coming from UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia & Jordan. The workshop was centered around International Quality Management Standards for professional laundry & dry cleaning for retail textile cleaning (garment care) as laid down in the CERCLEAN certification program of CINET. During the event the participants also actively participated by comparing their own processes with the standards and procedures as presented with plenty of room for group discussion.

CERCLEAN® International Quality Standards

In the morning Mr. Leon Wennekes (Secretary General of CINET) went through the complete chapters of the CERCLEAN® handbook for quality management with the support of Mr. Wim Meijer (CINET certified trainer and auditor for Retail Textile Cleaning) and Mr. Simon Hemmes (CINET certified trainer & auditor for industrial textile services).

Longtime industry experts Wim Meijer (Retail) and Simon Hemmes (Industrial) answer all technical questions


The topics that were presented and discussed:

A. CERCLEAN® International quality & hygiene management standards:
1.     Company profile & PMC (Product-Market-Combination)

2.     Key KPI’s for best practices

3.     Laundry process control

4.     Sales & customer services

5.     Purchase management

6.     Technique & maintance

7.     Transport

8.     Staff

9.     Administration

10.   Quality

11.    Environment

B. Procedure to get CERCLEAN certified


A complete overview of best practices is presented and discussed with the participants
A complete overview of best practices is presented and discussed with the participants


A most tasty cold mezze for lunch with plenty of opportunity for networking
A most tasty cold mezze for lunch with plenty of opportunity for networking


Supporting suppliers (Seitz, Union, Protek, Realex & Diversey) share their best practices on latest solvents, IT tools for quality management and developments on machinery and detergents


Tour to see best practices of Champion Cleaners

After the lunch Mr. Babak Moghaddam of Champion Cleaners showed the group around the plant so participants could see best practices in real operation. Champion Cleaners went through the audit of CERCLEAN the day before the workshop and will soon finish the procedure and get certified.

participants got a detailed insight into the best practices at Champion Cleaners operation such as with the shoe cleaning
Participants got a detailed insight into the best practice operation at Champion Cleaners such as with the shoe & bag cleaning as well as refurbishment, carpet cleaning, baby car cleaning and the regular textile cleaning
Good vibes are the result of the open welcoming hospitality at Champion Cleaners
Good vibes are the result of the open & welcoming hospitality at Champion Cleaners


Mr. Moghaddam of Champion Cleaners provides detailed explanations amonst others to Mr. Abdulmohsin Aljabr of Al Jabr Laundries
Mr. Moghaddam of Champion Cleaners provides detailed explanations amongst others to Mr. Abdulmohsin Aljabr of Al Jabr Laundries



Nr. ONE!! The day ends with an enthusiastic photo session and participants start making plans for a follow up session next year
Nr. ONE!! The day ends with an enthusiastic photo session and participants start making plans for a follow up session next year

Presentation summary of the workshop

In case you are interested in more details from the presentation please contact us at or view our e-learning courses.

Short video of the event by supporting partner

On behalf of Union – whom supported event – Wotek attended the workshop and made a short video with some impressions:


Many thanks to the supporting partners

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First YEP session will take place 31 Oct – 1 Nov in The Netherlands

Next week CINET will host the first session of the YEP (Young Executives in Professional Textile Care) program on Thursday and Friday at the secretariat in The Netherlands. The goal of the YEP program to exchange know-how and practical experience amongst young promising entrepreneurs aiming to develop new business cases in one of the defined new market areas.

As many markets are maturing (especially in Europe & North America) there is a need to reshape the business model of professional textile care and find new growth areas. CINET designed an international YEP program to inspire participants and sharpen their entrepreneurial views together with selected and like-minded young international colleagues. For the first session there is participation from 6 countries including France, Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Canada and Aruba.

Together with Tom Krabbe from Lukkien (top marketing agency from The Netherlands) and Geert Böttger (most experienced in all sorts of professional textile care projects) CINET has set up this first program offering participants the following benefits:

  • Lead your business to NEW markets in PTC
  • Personal growth through PTC master classes
  • Meet like-minded entrepreneurs from abroad
  • Profile your business internationally as innovator

If you’d be interested to join the program in the future you are in luck, two more sessions are coming up on February (Italy) and April (UK). Please send your resume to to start the application process.

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CINET RAI INTERCLEAN Laundry conference

CINET and the RAI sign partnership to organize INTERCLEAN professional laundry conference

Recently CINET and the RAI Amsterdam have signed a partnership to organize a professional laundry conference during the upcoming INTERCLEAN show 12-15 May 2020 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The main objective is to set up an informative conference around ‘Best Practices = Safe & Sustainable Profit’ for stakeholders in commercial laundry. Through the CINET network a number of speakers will selected to adress topics like:

  • Laundry vs. Professional Textile Care; a Roadmap towards 2030
  • Best practices in quality control & safety
  • Green cleaning: sustainability in industrial laundry
  • Outsourcing vs. in-house laundry incl. Ecotool life cycle analysis
  • Hygienical clean laundry
  • How internet of things is impacting laundry
  • New business cases from various countries:
    • Laundry on demand business model: uberization of the laundry industry
    • Pay per wash
    • Strategic partnerships blurring industry verticals


Call for papers

CINET and the RAI have started to design the conference program in line with the above topics. In discussion with members and other partners additional topics and potential speakers are currently approached. In case you have topic suggestions or you would like to be involved as a speaker please send an email to

Want to receive regular updates on this conference? Make sure you’re registered for the CINET e-news.



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GCL conference in Birmingham (UK): “Best Practice, plus profitable and sustainable business”

The Guild of Cleaners and Launderers (GCL) organized a well attended conference in Birmingham (UK) on the 10th of March. In total some 110 were in attendance on this day full of interesting presentations from 9 speakers and a panel discussion with some of the UK’s finest dry cleaners. Central theme of the conference was “Best Practice, plus profitable and sustainable business” which was addressed by the speakers covering new business models, European & global trends, new technologies, laundry management, most common mistakes in dry cleaning and a master class on spotting. On behalf of CINET, Leon Wennekes presented global innovations in professional textile care based on some the world’s most extraordinary laundries which participated in CINET’s Global Best Practices Awards Program.

GCL & CINET partner up for e-learning in the UK!

On the eve of the Conference Saturday 9th March the Guild and CINET signed a partnership agreement “that the Guild should Brand and Market an E-Learning Package created by CINET Exclusively in the UK”. It was agreed that the Guild will make the package UK-ready and CINET will market Guild text books internationally via the WOPCOM platform.

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Scientific studies: Professional textile cleaning; up to 3 times more environmental friendly compared to domestic laundry

Sustainability is a basic value for professional textile cleaning. In the past different projects are set up commissioned by NETEX partnering with CINET resulting in measures and work methodologies that can guarantee a safe, sustainable and environmental friendly professional textile cleaning operation. With the implementation of these “Best Parctices” the professional textile cleaning is a very sustainable industry.


Environmental impact analysis

To determine the environmental impact of state of the art dry cleaning operation according to the best practices, Dutch research institutes TKT and TNO executed several studies, commissioned by NETEX partnering with CINET [1, 2, 3]. A scientific study is performed by TKT and TNO on the environmental impact of domestic textile cleaning compared with professional textile cleaning [1, 2]. The most important result is that the environmental impact of professional textile cleaning is 2 to 3 times lower compared to the impact of the average domestic laundering, when best practices are applied.

Recently a review report is published on water and energy consumption of domestic laundry worldwide, by TKT and professor Stamminger of the Bonn University [3]. The data from this report is used to check and review the results of the environmental study as performed by TKT and TNO [1, 2, 4].

The environmental impact of domestic textile cleaning has been compared with professional textile cleaning on ten different aspects, amongst which exhaustion of resources, human toxicity, acidification and climate change. In the study, the following processes are compared:

  • Domestic laundering
  • Professional cleaning and drying with PERC
  • Professional cleaning and drying with HCS
  • Professional cleaning and drying with IPura HCS
  • Professional cleaning and drying with IPura Siloxan D5
  • Professional cleaning and drying with Siloxan D5
  • Professional cleaning and drying with Solvon K4
  • Professional cleaning and drying with Wet cleaning

The study is taking into account:

  • The environmental impact of used energy sources during cleaning and drying
  • The impact of the production of the used products and materials
  • The impact of the emissions during cleaning and drying (including waste water treatment)

What is excluded from the study is the possible pre- and after treatment of garments, the impact of the surrounding area on the process and the impact related to the production, maintenance and discharge of the equipment itself.

In this study, the method of shadow costs (expressed in euro’s) of every environmental effect is used to make them comparable. For this analysis, Simapro software and the Ecoinvent databases are used to determine the effect and express the environmental effects in euros. The results are shown in figure 1.

Figure 1: Environmental impact of professional textile cleaning compared with domestic laundering [2]

The environmental impact of domestic laundry is relatively strong influenced by the drying process used. When more laundry is dried in a dryer, the environmental impact will increase. Currently, on average, 46% of the domestic laundry in Western Europe is dried in a dryer. This percentage is increasing over the time. More and more households have a dryer at their disposal. From the household who own a dryer, the dryer is used in 72.5% of the cases to dry the textiles [2].


Energy and water use for domestic laundering in Europe

The average data of energy use for washing and drying in several European countries are presented in figure 2.

Figure 2: average energy use domestic cleaning in kWh/kg, Netherlands [2] other [3]

There are significant differences in energy use for domestic cleaning between the different countries in Europe. The differences in the laundering energy consumption are mainly due to the higher washing temperatures in Scandinavia and East Europe compared to West Europe and especially South Europe [3]. The differences in the drying energy consumption are mainly due to the different drying processes applied. In South Europe the laundry is mainly drip or line dried outdoors. In West Europe and Scandinavia a dryer is much often used for drying the laundry [3]. In East Europe the use of a dryer is relatively low, the laundry is mainly line dried indoors in heated rooms. The heating of the rooms will lead to extra energy consumption for the drying process due to the extra energy that is required to evaporate the water. The water consumption in Europe is around 11-12.2 l/kg with a load of 3.7 kg. the water consumption is strongly depended on the machine load [3].


Innovations and sustainable developments

The following innovations have significantly contributed to the relative low environmental impact of professional textile cleaning:

  • Innovation of machine technology have reduced the consumption and emission of the solvents significantly. This resulted is a strong decease of the environmental impact of professional textile cleaning.
  • Innovation of cleaning processes have resulted in alternative technologies to clean the textiles. Developments of alternative solvents and professional wetcleaning have contributed to a lower environmental impact.
  • Additionally there is a synergy between dry cleaning and laundry due to the ability to reuse the cooling water of the dry cleaning equipment for the laundry process. This reduces the energy consumption and the environmental impact even further.
A.W. Wypkema, R. N. van Gijlswijk, Duurzaam reinigen. Vergelijkende analyse van de milieubelasting van textielreiniging bij huishoudens thuis en bij professionele reinigers, TNO-rapport, maart 2010
A.W. Wypkema, R. N. van Gijlswijk, Duurzaam reinigen II. Vergelijkende vervolganalyse van de milieubelasting van textielreiniging bij huishoudens thuis en bij professionele reinigers, TNO-rapport, april 2012
H. Gooijer, R.Stamminger, Sustainability of domestic laundering, 25-11-2015
H. Gooijer, Review Benchmark Sustainability Textile Cleaning 22-12-2015
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And the Global Best Practices Award winners of 2018 are…

Milan (Italy), October, 19th, 2018. In a great atmosphere in front of some 300 fellow PTC professionals, the CINET GBPAP 18 Awards were taken by Beijing Fornet Laundry Service from China in the Retail Textile Cleaning category and by Nantong Fornet & Ycloset Ltd., also from China in the Industrial Textile Services category.

Some 37 Country Awards were granted, 9 Special Awards, CSR and Business Development. The CINET Life Time Award was given to Mr. Martin Kannegiesser during a spectacular event at the first day of the Expo Detergo International show in Milan, Italy. CINET President Peter Wennekes congratulated in his welcome speech especially all winners of the Global Best Practices Awards Program 2018, on their efforts to participate and showcase their companies to the Global PTC colleagues. In total some 350 companies applied, 150 companies eventually were officially nominated and 45 were selected as finalists to do a 3-min pitch presentation for an International Jury to profile their business. The Awards Ceremony took place on Friday, October 19th, the full newspaper can be downloaded here.

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Join the Retail Textile Cleaning (RTC) Global Info Square Meeting: Sunday, October, 21st, 10:30 AM (CET) at Fiera Milano, Spazio Gamma 1

The CINET events during ExpoDetergo International in Milan will continue after the GBPAP18 with the Global Info Square Meeting that will take place on  Sunday October, 21st (focused on Retail Textile Cleaning) at  Fiera Milano (Strada Statale Sempione, 28, 20017 Rho, Milano), Italy at Spazio Gamma 1  (same halls as Expo Detergo show)

The Retail Textile Cleaning (RTC) Global Info Square Meeting will start at 10:30 AM (CET) on Sunday, October, 21st and will be an information exchange amongst CINET members & industry experts on:

  • Benchmark on latest wet cleaning & dry cleaning solutions
  • Experiences with new business models
  • Developments in the Laundry on Demand segment
  • Innovations on machine technology & IT
  • CERCLEAN® Company certification incl. live demo of program & tools for Textile Cleaning
  • Introduction of WOPCOM
  • Enabling technologies Digitisation & E-commerce: CHRISTEYNS, SEITZ, GIRBAU, SAFECHEM and more!


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WOPCOM: Shaping the future for professionals in textile care!

At Expo Detergo in October 19-22 October the WOPCOM – World of PTC Community – will be launched! A new online platform Where partners of professional textile care come together & find information on business development.

Why WOPCOM? – an editorial statement

WOPCOM – the World of Professional Textile Care Community – enables networking and information exchange for the professional textile care industry, their suppliers and customers worldwide. Companies, institutions, politics and industries are moved in the end by concrete persons: textile cleaners, launderers, wash extractor sales managers, workwear sales directors etc.. WOPCOM facilitates connections and communication between persons working in and associated with our industry.

Apart from networking, WOPCOM stresses  the exchange and dissemination of information and knowledge, because knowledge and information is qualifying the industry, and all persons involved. Thus WOPCOM is very much a content driven community, which helps to inform about technologies, market developments, hygiene requirements, textiles rented out etc. as well as how to implement them.

WOPCOM is a digital community platform and as such not a competitor to other information services, trade fairs, associations, trade magazines or consultants. They are all invited to use WOPCOM as the digital platform of the Professional Textile Care Industry worldwide.


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