The Global Best Practices Awards (GBPAP) 2022 will showcase extraordinary professional laundry & dry cleaning showcases around the world. Participants will be promoting key issues of Professional Textile Care, with special attention to new business models and new market opportunities after Corona, focusing on SUSTAINABILITY, HYGIENE, DIGITIZATION and INNOVATION.


Thursday, 20 October 2022 (afternoon) Venue: Castiglioni:

  • 15:00 Meeting International Jury
    • Welcome
    • Information on procedures, formalities etc
  • 16:00 Cinet General Assembly
  • 17:00 Meet & Greet: Welcome Reception GBPAP 2022
  • 18:30 Drinks & Bites
  • 20:00 Closure


Friday, 21 October 2022 Venue: Fiera Milano:


  • 09:30 Introduction
  • 10:00 PITCH PRESENTATIONS: Industrial Textile Services (ITS)
    • Welcome and general introduction
    • Country introductions by country speakers
    • Pitch Presentations by Industrial Textile Services companies
  • 12:00 End of Session
  • 12:30 Introduction
  • 13:00 PITCH PRESENTATIONS: Retail Textile Cleaning (RTC-A)
    • Welcome and general introduction
    • Pitch Presentations
  • 14:30 End of Session
  • 15:00 PITCH PRESENTATIONS: Retail Textile Cleaning (RTC-B)
    • Welcome and general introduction
    • Pitch Presentations
  • 16:30 End of Session

Early evening

  • 17:30 Official GBPAP22 Ceremony
  • 18:00 Official Ceremony: Global Awards for Sustainability, Innovation, Overall Best Practices:
    • Retail Textile Cleaning (RTC-A)
    • Retail Textile Cleaning (RTC-B)
    • Industrial Textile Services (ITS)
  • 19:00 Drinks and informal bites
  • 20:00 End of Program
  • 20:30 GBPAP 2022 Dinner

Procedure GBPA2022

Apply by sending a reply form and photo and video material to CINET

An independent, international jury will evaluate the nominees based on the 5 criteria and pitch presentations.

Company profile
On this basis, a company profile has to be written by you! Additionally websites will be reviewed and further reference assessments will be made where needed to verify the information provided
by the nominee.

The most extraordinary nominees will pitch their business online for the international jury at GBPAP2022 Final (streamed live online from Milan, 20-21 october 2022)

At the award ceremony streamed live online from Milan, 20-21 October 2022, the winners of the GBPA 2022 will be made known including instant PR coverage.

Criteria GBPA2022

A continuous quality that meets customers’ expectations is of the utmost importance. Certification, if available, can enhance the quality approval of a professional textile care company.

Using state of the art equipment, modern cleaning concepts, optimal working methodologies, and integrated ICT processing enhances safe and sustainable professional textile care.

Innovations implemented by the PTC company meet today’s and tomorrow’s demands: services, new technologies, creative entrepreneurial efforts coping with new (online) customer’ demands, legislation, and environmental requirements.

Contribute to ease and convenience for your customers. A clear business model for modern professional textile care is required to excel. Modern business practices, Management & Marketing strengthen the performance of the company.

Own explanation and substantiation why the company should win the award.

Looking back at 2020

Over 26.000 professionals from the industry followed The Global Best Practices Awards 2020 in an extensive program of in total 7 hours on November 4 and 5 last and witnessed how the international independent jury of 20 professionals gave the Overall Awards to Oceanside Cleaners from the USA (Retail Textile Cleaning Cat -SME), Oxwash from the UK (Retail Textile Cleaning Cat Big) and GCS – BIH 77 from France (Cat Industrial Textile Services). The Life Time Award was for Mr. Masashi Shimenoki and the Yep Awards were granted to Blanc (France) and WAUWcloset (The Netherlands).

Unprecedented event

In times of corona this indeed was an unique unprecedented event. Whereas most events were cancelled the GBPAP20 was nevertheless pursued. As CINET CEO Mr. Peter N.M. Wennekes stated in his welcome speech, "indeed we live in difficult times for the global economy, and for almost all laundries and textile cleaners around the world, and it is not over yet. It will last for at least until the 2nd part of 2021 as many experts claim.
But yes, we need to develop new plans and prepare for a better future. Because at CINET we strongly believe in a fierce and strong recovery of the Professional Textile Care industry. Based upon vision huge new opportunities will be out there offering a strong new market demand. However it will require professional entrepreneurial skills to develop them. It all will be about, new ways of thinking, about new perspectives and new experiences."


There will be a new dimension after corona, the world will not be the same anymore, but exiting new opportunities will be there for those companies who have the vision to take them.
That's why cinet felt it an excellent timing to organise this GBPAP20 event now. Cinet believes that the presented 45 superb showcases from 36 countries will stimulate others in the industry to set up new businesses and services as well and will demonstrate that sharing experiences between colleagues is really to the benefit of all.

Sustainability - Hygiene - Digitization

This time CINET focused on sustainability of the textile supply chain. Globally textiles are the no 2 polluter after coal and chemicals. This is mainly because the world’s population is rapidly growing and some 85% of all textiles are rarely used (wardrobe of mostly women) and/or not sold, and/or throwed away as waste (fast fashion). Hence, the objective of this manifest is to develop an effective cooperation in textiles supply chain with a better circularity and usage of textile materials of a higher quality. From "fast fashion to slow fashion"
The potential for further improvements in sustainability and circularity is immense. Knowing that Professional Textile Care has a 5 times more sustainable performance over domestic cleaning.

International Sustainability Manifesto

For this reason CINET took the initiative to set up the International Sustainability Manifesto for the TEXTILE care INDUSTRY. Meanwhile this manifest have been signed up by an increasing number of organizations who seek a better sustainability and want to enlarge the current PTC markets. CINET welcomes further support of all who care for our planet.

Mr. Ruud Veltenaar claimed at a last years conference; "Sustainability will be the most important driver for new business the coming years". So, start small for each person to consider and let’s preserve our planet.


International Hygiene Advisory Committee

After the arrival of the Covid 19 pandemic, it appeared to be very difficult to get reliable advice from experts about the contagiousness of the new virus. This made it difficult for CINET to advise on safe processing of textiles and safe working conditions.
Because of this reason, this summer the initiative was taken to set up a group of international experts who are going to advise the professional textile care industry on hygienical processing and working conditions. This Hygiene Advisory Board is also expected to warn the industry in the future in time when new outbreaks of contagious viruses are foreseen.
The committee will be chaired by Simon Hemmes.

Book 7 in the World of PTC series "Building new markets"

Over the last year CINET worked hard to compile the 7th edition in the book series. This new book written by Leon Wennekes, explains the latest market trends, opportunities for new businesses and services and how to develop them. The markets provide so many opportunities for PTC companies that it is really up to the PTC entrepreneurs to develop them. The book will be published on WOPCOM the CINET library platform and all attendants of the GBPAP20 Program will be offered a free access.

Book 7 can be accessed through WOPCOM (link here!)

Best Overall Awards 2020 This award is presented to the entrepreneurial companies in RTC/ITS, because of their advanced business models and services to consumers with extraordinary marketing materials and their ability to develop new markets and business areas.

  • The Overall Award Category RTC A (SME) was received by Oceanside Cleaners from USA, because of their supreme sustainability quality and services.
  • The Overall Award Category RTC B (BIG) was granted to Oxwash Ltd. from UK because of their innovative business approach, sustainable concept and operational organisation.
  • The Overall Award Category ITS was received by GCS BIH77 from France because of their outstanding focus on quality, CSR and sustainability. Unfortunately, Mr. Gibert, BIH77’s CEO could not join the call, due to a health emergency.

Winners in categories: Innovation and Sustainability

Innovation Awards 2020

This award is presented to companies that are very successful in presenting their high quality service level and demonstrating their professionalism in textile care up till each detail. Especially their business model for innovation was evaluated.

  • The Innovation Award RTC A (SME) was received by WOSH from Spain, because of the manner in which new customer segments are approached with a focus on digitization, marketing & communication
  • The Innovation Award RTC B (BIG) was granted to Mr. Shoes Cleaning Tech Co. Ltd from China, for developing an unique business model at abroad scale
  • The Innovation Award ITS was received by Prawol Alicja Wolska Jerzy Wolski Sp.j. Warsaw from Poland, for continuous innovation on all business aspects

Sustainability Awards 2020

  • The Sustainability Award RTC A (SME) was received by Country Club Cleaners from USA, for their efforts in minimising their environmental footprint, all while maintaining profitability.
  • The Sustainability Award RTC B (BIG) was granted to Champion Cleanersfrom UAE, for setting a trend in sustainability in the region.
  • The Sustainability Award ITS was received by Coburger Handtuch + Matten – Services (CHMS) from Germany, for unique achievements in terms of sustainable operation

Special CSR Awards 2020

The Special Awards are presented to companies which have an unique, extraordinary business concept or a distinguishing model on social responsibility.

Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge (SERENA Hotels Kenya)
GCS BIH 77 (France)

  • Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge (SERENA Hotels) was awarded for their outstanding focus on supporting the community, as well as for applying eco-friendly business practices in the Kenyan safari region.
  • GCS BIH 77 was awarded for their achievements that provide the wellbeing of its entire staff and for the successful integration of employees in precarious situations.

Country Winners

The Country Winner Awards were presented to companies with the highest scores in their country: you find the list below.

The Lifetime Award 2020

The Lifetime Award 2020 was granted to Mr. Masashi Shimenoki from The Japan Textile Care Institution. This prestigious trophy is awarding his outstanding carreer and a remarkable contribution for the Japanese and global Professional Textile Care industry.

Mr. Shimenoki has been active as a PR planner for major companies and public institutions since 1980. In 1984, paying attention to the consumer trouble of dry cleaning, which had become a social problem, with the aim of disseminating the knowledge about new textile materials and fashion processing to consumers and the dry cleaning industry, he launched a tabloid newspaper called “The After”. Ca. 500,000 copies of this monthly tabloid were distributed from ca. 10,000 dry cleaners all over Japan. Through this experience, Mr. Shimenoki felt the value of high fashion and the importance of maintaining and restoring it. Later this came up with the idea of Professional Textile Care.

Modern apparel fashion products always use new chemical materials and avant-garde processing expressions. However, the absence of an industry aimed at cleaning and care technologies that take into account the characteristics of these clothing products will only promote waste of resources. Professional textile care is a new industry that seeks to integrate knowledge and technology to support consumers in a sustainable manner so that they can continue to attach high-value and high-quality clothing products.

Book: “Knowledge of Textile Care”

Recently, Mr. Shimenoki wrote the book: “Knowledge of Textile Care”, dedicated to explaining to customers the value and to increase the awareness of the experience of Professional Textile Care. This easy to read book illustrates the value and experiences consumers perceive what professional textile cleaning is performing according to International Standards of Best Practices.

The Book of Mr. Shimenoki can be accessed through WOPCOM (link here!)

Lifetime Awards

CINET provides this Lifetime Award for the third time. The first Lifetime Award was offered to Prof. Dr. J. Kurz of the Hohenstein Institute at the occasion of the GBPAP16 Award Ceremony at Texcare International in 2016. The second Lifetime Award winner was Mr. Martin Kannegiesser of Herbert Kannegiesser GmbH Germany during GBPAP18 at Expo Detergo in Milan Italy.

Detailed Program 4-5 November 2020

Are you interested to see the detailed timeline of the program? All updates will be published on our event page.

CINET Global Best Practice Awards Trophies

Does your company have what it takes?

Are you a retail textile cleaner? Or do you represent an industrial laundry? Does your company meet the best practices criteria?
Showcase it among the best PTC companies worldwide by joining the GBPA2020.

Impression National Pre-Selection Events 2019

French Best Practices Awards

South East Asia Best Practices Awards

Indonesian Best Practices Awards

Dutch Best Practices Awards

Canadian Best Practices Awards

Looking back at 2018

Mrs. Julie Lijun

Beijng Fornet Laundry Service, China
Overall Winner Global Best Practises Awards RTC 2018
Fornet Nantong Factory & Ycloset Ltd., China
Overall Winner Global Best Practises Awards ITS 2018

We were so surprised and honoured to have these two great awards by Cinet in Milano. It was such a wonderful chance to learn from the other companies with the best practices in the industry all over the world. Thank Cinet for what they have done for the development of the industry. We have been learning a lot from Cinet.”

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