Beware of Cyber Criminality in your laundry!

The growing digitization trend brings so many opportunities but it requires a special attention to the cyber security. Recently Joe Danaher – senior security analyst for The Ame Group –  expanded on cyber criminality in  laundry operations at the Association for Linen Management’s (ALM) IMPACT conference in November.

A method that criminal could use to attack a business are the so-called phishing e-mails to get credentials or to deliver malware as an attachment. Getting access to a laundry’s information through third-party connections is another method to gain access and leave a laundry open to a ransomware attack.  According to Danaher there are simple ways to help secure the “cyber” side of one’s business

Training staff with cyber-security awareness training is one of the best things and not expensive. The use of strong – that is – long passwords – is highly recommended . Two-factor – or multi-factor – authentication provides additional identification possibilities. Apart from that. a new Next-Generation Antivirus will soon be availble to stop malware and its processes. Finally, patch management of all the applications that are connected to the Internet is very essential. Danaher stated that you can really do things to make your data and your network more secure. And  some of these things are very easy to do and very cost-effective too!