BÖWE Textile Cleaning Systems Partners Along With CINET To Put Together The Global Best Practices Awards 2022

BÖWE, based in the Black Forest in Germany, is a premium German manufacturer of commercial dry cleaning and laundry machines. The company offers dry cleaning and laundry equipment in 85 countries.

The history of BÖWE began in 1945, after the end of the Second World War, with the founding of the company by Max Böhler and Ferdinand Weber. As a supplier for various cleaning companies, they had the idea of ​​developing dry cleaning machines themselves. Five years later, Böhler and Weber presented the first compact dry cleaning machine for textiles. BÖWE delivers innovative and high-quality machines all over the world.

CINET is glad to have BÖWE as a proud partner in organising the best award ceremony of the year for professional textile services, called the Global Best Practices Awards 2022. The event will be held at ExpoDetergo in Milan in October 20-21st with world leaders in PTC showcasing their unique services in laundry and cleaning services. The aim of the event is to promote businesses who support the goals of circularity and sustainability.

We asked Mr. Frank Ziermann, Chairman of BOWE to answer a few questions in a candid conversation about the partnership with CINET.

  1. How do you see the PTC Market after Corona Worldwide?
    The drycleaners are still struggling and most of them not has reached the turnover numbers from 2019. Approx. 10% of the shops closed during pandemic, but the “survivors” don’t got the volume, because the industry lost many people to the home office. Also because of the climate change the numbers of garments for the drycleaners are going down.
  2. What innovations were developed in the last 2 years for the PTC companies?
    BÖWE developed a new system to prevent boil overs in the distillation by a photoelectric sensor, detecting the surface of the boiling solvent. So cleaning of water separators or cleantanks is not necessary results also in energy saving and cooling water saving. Because of the rising energy costs BÖWE developed a complete system of machines to run a complete dry cleaning shop also electric heated with heat recycling systems, cooling water collection, and independent working units. BÖWE developed a complete new range of industrial machine in 50-70-100kg capacity for all solvents.
  3. How do you feel you can support the PTC industry?
    Today it is not only to sell or buy a machine. Every investment has to fit in the long term perspective of the customer. So steam, water, power and the organization of the shop will create profit or loss in future. With our long term experience we can give advice and support to the industry.
  4. How do you see the GBPAP 2022 initiative can contribute to new business models for PTC companies?
    It is so important for all of us to see how some people develop also under such hard circumstances we had in the last 2 years. There were no shows and less visits so there was no possibility to collect information. So to present that projects helps everybody to find its way.
  5. How can GBPAP 2022 Partners inspire more companies to participate and optimise their performance towards their clients?
    Just do it and share know how.
  6. What can we do together to profile the performance of the PTC industry?
    We should show more in detail how environmental friendly and sustainable dry cleaning really is. Less wear down of textile compare to washing, so longer lifetime. No microplastics in the waste water. No grease, oil, chemicals in the waste water. Complete closed system, easy to trace.

For more information on the Global Best Practices Awards 2022, please check here- https://www.cinet-online.com/events/gbpa-2022-milan/