BÜFA continues to expand in other European countries

Oldenburg chemical company gains international partners through takeover and strategic partnership in the cleaning business area.

The BÜFA Group continues to expand in Europe and gains international partners in the cleaning sector for the first time. The Oldenburg company in the chemical industry takes over the Dutch TriStar Group and at the same time enters into a strategic partnership with the Swedish MacSerien group.

In order to meet the current challenges of the cleaning industry, BÜFA Reinigungssysteme is expanding its portfolio, its expertise in other sectors and its presence in Central and Northern Europe. So far, the cleaning area was primarily focused on the German market. With the merger of the three companies, production and sales in Europe will be further expanded. A major strategic advantage of the expansion is that international customers can now be served, since sales and technical service are available locally in many countries. Products from BÜFA Reinigungssysteme thus reach the markets in the DACH region, Benelux, the Scandinavian countries and Estonia. With their sustainable corporate philosophy, the two partners are a perfect fit for the BÜFA Group and can expand the range with their own innovative solutions in a targeted manner. “With its partners TriStar and MacSerien, the BÜFA Cleaning division not only doubles its employees and almost its sales volume, but also gains new opportunities and markets,” emphasizes Sebastian Specht, member of the management team of the BÜFA Group with responsibility for cleaning.