Canadian Fabricare Association (CFA) Conference in Toronto, Nov 19-21 Next

The Canadian Fabricare Association (CFA) Conference “Cleaning Renaissance. A New Beginning” will be held 19-21 November 2021 at Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel in Toronto, Canada. The main goal of the conference is to share knowledge and information that will assist cleaners across Canada and the United States in rebounding after the COVID 19 crisis and return your business to be profitable again.

The full Program of the conference has been published in the event’s handout, on this link – here.

The Canadian Fabricare Association CFA is a body of professional dry cleaners dedicated to the improvement of the fabricare industry in Canada through the establishment of good management, ethical conduct, top quality training and proper operating procedures. The Association represents its members on the local, provincial and even national level to ensure regulations and laws are based on factual information and fairness to all concerned