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ImageFIRST expansion in 2021 – eight laundry take-overs!

ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists recently announced the acquisition of Puget Sound Laundry Services, a division of Northwest Center Services, Seattle. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. According to the agreement, ImageFIRST will  buy and manage all laundry equipment and existing employees will continue to keep their jobs.

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Electric vehicles production triggers the need for antistatic uniforms!

Antistatic fabrics have become a necessity for personnel involved in manufacturing, working with or servicing electric vehicles. This warning was recently given by Carrington Textiles’ quality assurance manager, Sean Moore.  In an interview he explained that ‘grounded’ fabrics for uniforms in this niche sector are necessary to avoid unpleasant effects for workers during the production process.

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Hydro Systems unveils multiple dosing system for OPL

Hydro Systems – a provider of chemical dispensing and dosing solutions – has launched the Multi-Washer 3000 Series with EvoClean for reliable chemical dispensing for on-premise laundries. The system is to support up to three washers and dose up to eight products. Apart from that it is claimed to offer detailed reporting and it is designed to help reduce water, energy and rewash costs.

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Railway boot laundry service in India again stopped … what next?

With the Covid-19 pandemic still in the country, the service of the linen and blanket in trains has again been withdrawn in India. This decision is a disappointment for the Railway BOOT laundry operators. Especially, since passenger surveys have proven that travellers want berth linen, and scientific research has definitely proven that linen does not spread the coronavirus. Various laundry service providers have presented their opinions on how to proceed their operations in the future.

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Hygiene at the heart of workshops!

In the past year, CINET has been able to develop many activities despite corona. Also E-learning makes it possible to follow courses 24/7 anyway. But various successful workshops and masterclasses were also organised. Notable was that of Mr. Shimenoki, Japanese expert in textile cleaning, on all facets of high-quality textile care. These Masterclasses will be organized again in 2022!  Continue reading “Hygiene at the heart of workshops!”

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