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First YEP Overall Project Meeting (Hybrid), on Sept 15th

Following the successful Kick-Off meeting that took place on July 14th, CINET has scheduled the First Overall Project Meeting of the YEPs (Young Executives in Professional Textile Care) Program on Sept 15th.

The agenda of the Sept 15th YEP Project Meeting that will take place in hybrid form, will be focused on the following topics:

    • New business services
    • New business market area’s
    • New business diversifications
    • Professional labour in PTC
    • Discuss list of project ideas
    • Set YEP project proposals
    • Register preferences of participation by YEP’s
    • YEP Program for Frankfurt (Nov 28th)


YEP goals

YEP Program’s main goals are personal development & networking (through personal encounters with other young professionals who want to develop a personal network), as well as working together for an industry-wise goal, in this case profiling SUSTAINABILITY as a key driver for PTC in reaching new market segments, new business models and new opportunities



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The Official Brochure is Here! Global Best Practices Awards 2022: How to Increase the Business in PTC

Following the successful editions in 2016, 2018 and 2020, the Global Best Practices Awards Program will continue in 2021 and 2022 in all cases by physical organization and also by streaming, with the support of co-hosts (National Associations), GBPAP22 Partners (International Suppliers) and Event Organizations in:

  • Texcare International (Frankfurt, Germany): 28 Nov 2021: Launch GBPAP22 Program and Introduction of International Sustainability Manifest Action Program 2021-2022
  •  Clean Show (Atlanta, USA): 30 Jul-01 Aug. 2022: Presentation of Innovative Sustainable Projects
  •  ExpoDetergo (Milan, Italy): 21-24 Oct. 2022. GBPAP22 Final. PTC Awards in 3 categories and Presentation of the “International Sustainability Charter”

More info: in the Official Global Awards Brochure. Download link – here!

The Global Best Practices Awards (GBPAP) 2022 – how to increase the business.

The Global Best Practices Awards 2022 will showcase extraordinary professional laundry & dry cleaning showcases around the world. Participants will be promoting key issues of Professional Textile Care, with special attention to new business models and new market opportunities after Corona, focusing on SUSTAINABILITY, HYGIENE, DIGITIZATION and INNOVATION.

More info: in the Official Global Awards Brochure. Download link – here!

Professional Textile Care – The Better Way to do Laundry!

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PSG Acquires Dositec Sistemas (USA)

PSG – an operating company of American conglomerate manufacturer of industrial products Dover Corporation – recently announced that it has completed the acquisition of Dositec Sistemas S.L. (‘Dositec’) – a major provider of dispensing systems for laundry, foodservice and commercial cleaning companies. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

As part of PGS, Hydro Systems has been an exclusive supplier of Dositec chemical management systems in North America since 2015. Dositec’s commercial laundry systems are scalable. That is why they are considered to be an ideal solution for washer extractors and tunnel washers of all sizes in industrial and on-premise laundries. The Dositec focus on connected capabilities can support Hydro Connect – a cloud-based IoT platform from Hydro Systems that gives chemical providers and end users a detailed view of laundry alarms, production information, chemical and water usage, costs and more.

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Closed-loop Manufacturing Process for Linen

Modern hotels value features such as durability, comfort, hygiene, sustainability and affordability in their linen. Unfortunately, they hardly ever come all together. If a product is sustainable, it is expensive in most cases. If the linen has hygiene as its defining characteristic, comfort may be less.

In order to tackle that dilemma, Austria-headquartered, fibre producer Lenzing Group and Dubai-based linen management company Rent-A-Towel have joined forces to produce, process and supply bed and bath linen to the global hospitality and healthcare industry via a rental model. Their innovative product is claimed to combine all five features in a single, science-backed, tested solution to become the future of linen – Dr. LinenTM.

With this partnership the companies intend to integrate sustainability in every step of the production process and make a product as well as a service that is ideally suited for the pandemic age and later. It is stated to combine a 100% sustainable production with built-in quality, as well as moisture management of the fibres to ensure thermal regulation for more guest comfort and hygiene. Finally, it will see to a cost- and water saving laundry process.

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A Successful and Unique CINET Master training: Secrets of Japanese Textile Cleaning Revealed

CINET presented a new and original Professional Textile Care course format aiming to strengthen their practical skills for the Retail Textile Cleaning professionals that want to integrate Best Practices in their operational activity. The full-module online session of PTC Excellence was presented by Mr. Masashi Shimenoki (Japan) and it received the full appreciation of participants from 5 countries.

The courses’ content will be integrated in the E-learning curricula of The World of PTC Business School.

Masashi Shimenoki is Japan’s foremost expert in textile cleaning. In Japan, Mr. Shimenoki is known for his expertise and his magazine “The After” on textile cleaning, which was published monthly in an edition of 500,000 copies. He also gained international recognition for his in-depth knowledge of textiles and their care. At the last CINET Global Best Practice Awards, Mr. Shimenoki therefore received the Life Time Achievement Award[1]. The English translation of his Japanese book “Knowledge of Textile Care”[2] was also presented there. CINET now offers managers and professionals in the textile cleaning industry an opportunity to gain the in-depth knowledge and expertise of Mr. Shimenoki in a 6-part Master training.


A Master training in six parts

Professionals in Retail Textile Cleaning from 5 countries registered with CINET World or PTC Business School for a master training in six parts. The course was taught online and Mr. Shimenoki offered the opportunity to acquire excellence in knowledge and processing of textiles  by applying Japanese top quality cleaning techniques. The six parts were respectively about 1. Natural fibers; 2. Synthetic fibers; 3. Finishing; 4. Knowledge about wearing textiles; 5. Knowledge about storing textiles; and 6. Labeling textiles.


Japanese secrets

What is the secret of Japanese attention to textiles and textile care? Everyone knows the image of Japanese kimonos and the impeccable appearance of well-groomed Japanese people. The secrets come from a time when fast fashion did not yet exist and when techniques such as “how to walk in a kimono” were passed on from generation to generation. Cotton was known as the “yellow flower dancing in the tropical wind,” and silk was said to come from the mythical Chinese goddess Seiryo, who used chopsticks to fish a wild silkworm out of her hot bathtub. Mr. Shimenoki combined this age-old knowledge and respect for textiles with years of experience and development, allowing him to pass on his unique technical and qualitative practical methods for outstanding contemporary textile care and finishing[3]. Mr. Shimenoki draws on a wide range of practical examples from around the world and allows textile cleaners to discover how to differentiate themselves from the competition.


Knowledge of Textile Care

Mr. Shimenoki wrote the renowned “Knowledge of Textile Care” book. A long-time bestseller in Japan, the book was translated and published in English by CINET last year. With the book, Mr. Shimenoki answers Japanese textile cleaners’ need for collective awareness about caring for modern clothing in the country. The book explains the value of textiles and the importance of proper care and timely professional treatment to the clothing consumer. In his own words, Mr. Shimenoki explains how customers can best handle textiles, why different clothes need different treatments, how to store textiles and what to do with stains. By reading the book, the consumer gets a feel for the value of textiles and why good care and professional treatment are so important. The book is easy to read and illustrates the value of professional textile cleaning companies operating with the highest quality standards.


Knowledge of Textile Care – Book cover



A sustainable attitude towards textiles

Mr. Shimenoki cites examples from the past while also being ahead of his time. His book and his Master training argue for a revaluation of clothing, which is receiving a lot of attention at the moment, in the context of circularity and sustainability. A change in attitudes towards slow fashion has accelerated and is gaining popularity but has a long road ahead of itself. It is precisely this need that Mr. Shimenoki wants to meet. In his book and course he advocates the sustainable use of both natural and synthetic fibers. The modern fashion industry manufactures produce with new chemical materials and finishes that present unique expression. At the same time, little attention is paid to the care and cleaning of this unique fashion, which causes a large amount of raw materials to be wasted. It is up to the professional textile cleaning industry to integrate knowledge and technology in this field and to support customers in their endeavors towards sustainability. This also supports the focus on textiles of higher quality and valuable clothing.


A reputed international textile care industry expert



About Masashi Shimenoki

Mr. Shimenoki has been active as a PR planner for major Japanese companies and government institutions since 1980. In 1984 he saw that Japanese consumers and dry cleaners were increasingly struggling with new textile materials and the way the fashion industry produced clothing. He launched the magazine “The After”. That turned out to be a success in Japan: the magazine had a circulation of about 500,000 copies distributed throughout the country every month. Readers included some 10,000 Japanese dry cleaners. With the magazine, Mr. Shimenoki spread his unique knowledge about new textile materials and the ways in which they should be cared for and treated. As described, Mr. Shimenoki gained further fame through his bestseller “Knowledge of Textile Care” and grew into an important and renowned member of the industry on an international level.

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2021 CFA Conference “Cleaning Renaissance. A New Beginning”

The Canadian Fabricare Association (CFA Conference) ““Cleaning Renaissance. A New Beginning” will be held 19-21 November 2021 at Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel in Toronto, Canada.

The goal of the conference is to share knowledge and information that will assist cleaners across Canada and the United States in rebounding after the COVID 19 crisis and return your business to be profitable again.

CFA is a body of professional dry cleaners dedicated to the improvement of the fabricare industry in Canada through the establishment of good management, ethical conduct, top quality training and proper operating procedures. The Association represents its members on the local, provincial and even national level to ensure regulations and laws are based on factual information and fairness to all concerned.

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New on WOPCOM: Presentation of CINET Live! PTC Special: Digitization & Innovation: The Best Service, Lowest Cost!

Active in its role as PTC’s global umbrella organization, CINET has developed several initiatives focused on stimulating business development and market development, with the support of reputed Professional Textile Care experts. Among them, the recent CINET Live! PTC Special: Digitization & Innovation: The Best Service, Lowest Cost! (July 7th), whose presentation is available on the WOPCOM platform.

CINET Live! PTC Special: Digitization & Innovation presentation is available on the WOPCOM platform

The Live! Event showed one more time that digitization and innovation are essential in order to generate new business, new customers and new revenues in Corona times. Participants from almost 30 countries, representing Retail Textile Cleaning (B-to-C) and Industrial Textile Services (B-to-B) companies, franchise chains, national associations and international suppliers joined the successful live event.

Moderator: Peter Wennekes (CEO of CINET)

The CINET Live Event presentation can be found on the WOPCOM platform (link – here).


How can you join WOPCOM

The CINET members benefit of free access to WOPCOM. If you are not (yet) a member of CINET, you can choose the subscription option that matches you profile and needs, on this link – here!  The WOPCOM content is being continuously updated with exclusive articles, reports and presentations covering the impact the Coronavirus pandemic is having in the Professional Textile Care industry.

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Aramark Enters into Exclusive Partnership with Talon (USA)

Aramark – a provider of uniform rental – , leasing – and facility services – recently announced it has entered into an exclusive partnership with Talon – the producer of Adjustec waistband technology. The technology is integrated in the company’s Authentic™ collection of shorts and pants for wearer comfort.

According to the enterprise, this partnership for the first time enables this garment technology to be offered outside retail settings in uniform rental garments in various industrial environments. Adjustec improves customer satisfaction due to fewer sizing changes and greater fit accuracy. The waistbands are designed to adjust and recover, providing the same fit and comfort from the start of the day to the end.

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SpyderWash and Wash-Dry-Fold POS Engage in Cross-Platform Integration

US-based Laundry payment system provider SpyderWash and Wash-Dry-Fold POS – a point-of-sale system developed for laundromats – recently announced that they have started a cross-platform project.

SpyderWash enables laundromat customers and employees to start washers and dryers via its card system. The system supports contactless card acceptance, while coin functionality on individual washers and dryers is maintained.

Additionally, Wash-Dry-Fold POS’s new Order Tracker feature will enable laundromat owners to track which washers and dryers are being used for which orders. It will generate time-stamped dollar amounts that can be compared directly to the amounts loaded onto an attendant’s SpyderWash card.

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