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CERCLEAN®: 3 Main Reasons to Certify your Laundry

Since the pandemic started, Hygiene and Quality have become of a crucial importance for all laundries all over the world. It is a fact that certified Professional Textile Care companies have a significant competitive advantage, due to a proven quality and hygiene standard for end-products, as well as for their staff.

CERCLEAN® International Certification can help your business to gain more trustworthiness and professionalism. The step by step approach enables companies to follow the program at their own pace. CINET offers full support to enterprises in cooperation with national organisations, associations and representatives of international suppliers.

What’s in it for you?

There are 3 main reasons why the CERCLEAN® International Certification is the investment with the highest ROI in Corona times:

1. Implementing international best practices in PTC. CERCLEAN® provides a complete step by step model for the laundry manager to implement best practices on  professional hygienical clean laundry and dry cleaning management in a laundry facility. The program is split up between a certification  scheme for Industrial Textile Services and Retail Textile Cleaning, so the program specializes based on the business model that is applicable. The handbook and easy-to-fi ll-out forms are based on optimized work fl ow and conditions, annual training of staff, setting yearly quality objectives, handling of hazardous chemicals, proper maintenance of machinery, good housekeeping, complaint management, productivity improvement plan and an energy savings plan.

2. Proven solution & continuous development

Over 50 years ago  industrial laundries started developing certification schemes in collaboration with health care organizations and governmental bodies based in Europe on ISO 9001 and later on RABC norms (EN 14065) for hygienical clean laundering. Now, with a global perspective CINET has developed an international certification scheme 10 years ago and is committed to stimulate best practices and continuously support professionals on improving the know-how in the Cerclean program, extended annually  with new innovations coming from the industry.

3. Most cost effective solution

The laundry manager can work anytime and anywhere as this is a digital, self-explaining program dedicated to PTC. Naturally users get online support of licensed  CERCLEAN® auditors. After applying for the program the laundry manager starts creating a handbook with standard procedures for their own specific laundry business and customers, supported by e-learning on quality & (optionally) hygiene management. This is much less time-consuming than buying a generic quality management program that is not dedicated to PTC. Besides that the program is updated annually based on the latest industry innovations.


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And you? Are you joining the movement?

Currently about 5% of all laundry is washed by Professional Textile Cleaners (PTC). This means that in developed countries 95% is still washed at home in a domestic washing machine. In a recent study, it was shown that a professional washing process uses significantly less energy and the outsourcing of washing leads to a high savings in terms of drinking water (35% to 80%) as, well as major reduction in CO2 emissions (more than 24%), compared to domestic washing.

Research shows that when outsourcing, in an average wash cycle a saving of more than 15 litres (more than 35%) of water can be achieved.  This water saving is realized using advanced technology for reusing water. With the use of the most modern technology, water consumption can be reduced to just 2 litres per kg of textile, even a water saving of more than 80% is possible soon. In order to illustrate it, an average Dutch person could save nearly 3500 litres of water annually by outsourcing the home laundry.

“Sustainability is not just a cool word. It’s a movement.” (Peter Wennekes, CINET’s President & CEO). Click here for the Sustainability Manifesto text.

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Mastering the Uncertainties of Risk

Most entrepreneurs can be described as being able to stay on target and keep up a certain  level of motivation despite a stressful business climate. They also demonstrate a willingness to stay committed to a specific result, since they rationally understand that there must be some benefit to taking risk: “No gain without pain.” Although risk-taking means operating outside the vicious cycle that creates fear, the psychology of risk is actually the psychology of confidence. Owner confidence in the entrepreneur often means knowing what to do in all situations.

What really determines the personality dynamics of the owner of a small business such as a laundry business? According to Dr. Abraham Zaleznik – a psychoanalyst who teaches at the Harvard Business School – an entrepreneur has a drive for autonomy, for an ability to self-control that implies an inner (unconscious) rebelliousness and fearlessness in the face of risk.

Additionally, the typical (laundry) entrepreneur seems to be absolutely sure that he or she cannot fail. Even if they have failed before, they are convinced it will not happen again. The conclusion can be that –  thanks to his or her steady path – an entrepreneur sends out a hopeful message that life is not limited, but holds fantastic promise instead.

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Christeyns provides industry insights to students

Staff members of hygiene chemicals manufacturer Christeyns –  UK have helped local Aspire-igen students working on a laundry focused project. Aspire-igen is a Yorkshire based social enterprise that is focused on changing lives for the better through learning and work.

The assignment was to create a new fabric conditioner for the spa market and students were given the technical, marketing and forecasting aspects they needed to consider and include in their final presentations via online video conferencing. The City & Guilds Level 2 Diploma in Business Support is for students from 16-19 years old and is aimed at learners that are looking to start a career in a business support role, or students who want to improve their business knowledge and skills and progress to further learning.

Christeyns has been a supporter of the project for quite some time now and the company’s staff members and apprentices are actively involved in school career events and learning projects across the district. By doing so the company not only intends to stress the importance of the manufacturing industry’s employment opportunities, but also wants to provide knowledge and support to the young people in the communities, inspiring future career paths and upcoming talent.

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CWS in 2021 – Sustainability as Business Model

Germany-based textile and hygiene service provider CWS aims at becoming the most sustainable company in the textile care industry by 2024, according to company CEO Jürgen Höfling when he presented the 2019/2020 sustainability report.

Figures in the report show that from 2018 to 2019 the proportion of fairly produced workwear increased by 17 percent. During that period, the CO 2 emissions were reduced by an average of 28 percent. Last year, 2.3 million workwear items were repaired and 55 percent of the garments produced consist of sustainable materials such as sustainable cotton or recycled polyester.

As to sustainability, the interim report has three focus points. As to “Putting People First” the accident rate fell by eight percentage points in 2019. Related to “Sustain Business” the company has been working with 72 percent of its trading partners for at least five years. According to ‘the optimized circular economy’, 55 percent of the garments produced in-house are made from sustainable materials and the company’s dispenser system “SmartWash” saves up to 90 percent water and 60 percent soap by pre-portioning. The company is planning to get involved in three other areas: the health and safety of people along the value chain, in optimized product and service cycles and in sustainable management.

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Ehogroup introduces 30° Hotels in the Spanish peninsula

Recently, a new hotel brand – the 30° Hotels – has been created by the Spain-based hospitality firm Ehogroup. The new chain is meant to be focused on global sustainability, international certification of quality and services and social responsibility with the territory. 

The new chain has six establishments on the peninsula: Catalonia, Andalusia, Valencian Community and Murcia. The Board of Directors will consist of Enrique Hernández as CEO, together with Ferran Bueno as Corporate Marketing Director and Enric Oliva as Commercial Director.

As can be deducted from the brand name itself the 30° (thirty degrees) Hotels will be aimed at the sun and beach vacation segment.

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Compass Group sells US Crothall Laundry to global investment group H.I.G Capital

Recently, H.I.G. Capital – a global alternative investment firm – announced that one of its affiliates has acquired Crothall Laundry Services from Compass Group plc, the British multinational. Crothall Laundry was founded in 1991 and provides outsourced laundry and linen management services to the healthcare and hospitality sectors.

The sale reportedly involves 29 operations that process 600 million lbs (272 million kg) of linens annually, and complies with quality and sustainability standards and processes.

Crothall CEO Michael Barner stated that over the last three decades, substantial investments in plants, infrastructure and capabilities have been made in order to support the growth of leading healthcare organizations. The company executive also stated to be pleased to work with H.I.G. Capital to carry out further expansion plans.

According to Richard Stokes – managing director at H.I.G. – the acquired company can be considered a leader in the laundry and linen-management sector, serving healthcare institutions through the combination of best-in-class operations, scalable data-driven processes and a stringent focus on quality. He also stated that – since these solutions have positioned Crothall as a critical partner to healthcare providers – his company is looking forward to further support growth initiatives.

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JSG chair Bill Shannon will retire in May

The Johnsons Service Group (JSG) has announced the retirement of chairman William (Bill) Shannon in May and the appointment of non-executive director/chairman John (Jock) Fyfe Lennox. The announcement came as Mr Shannon informed the JSG Board of directors of his intention to step down from the board after the company’s general meeting in May.

Peter Egan – JSG’s CEO – commented by expressing his gratitude for Shannon’s his counsel and unwavering support during his time with JSG, which has supported the team in developing our strategy and growth plans. Apart from that he welcomed Mr Lennox (64) to the JSG Board as an Independent non-executive director. This appointment became effective January 5th and he will take the role of chairman after the 2021 Annual General Meeting  in May.

Lennox is expected to be a valuable addition to the JSG Board. He is a Chartered Accountant and has worked in a number of industrial and consumer sectors, including support services, both as an executive at Ernst & Young LLP (“EY”) and as a non-executive director. The Group also announced that it intends to release a pre-close trading update which started on 11th January.

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Meet The YEP Winners 2020: Blanc (UK) and WAUWcloset (NL)

The YEP Awards (Young Entrepreneur in the Professional Textile Care) 2020 were granted to Blanc (UK) and WAUWcloset (The Netherlands). The YEP winners were  presented during the Global Best Practices Awards 2020, streamed live on November 4th and 5th 2020 from Amsterdam (NL). Over 25.000 professionals from the industry followed the GBPAP2020 online event on all platforms.

Blanc was awarded for setting up a great omnichannel approach, that has resulted in impressive growth cleaning over 1 million pieces over the last years.  Also the product portfolio has been developed into a total solution for hygienic and cleaning solutions which is highly necessary in these difficult times. The founder, Mr. Ludovic Blanc presented his pitch during the YEP Awards segment of GBPAP2020.

Ludovic Blanc, the company’s founder


WAUWcloset was awarded for being an impressive business that develops a new value or finds a new customer group but this startup is pioneering to do both. The same time WAUWcloset offers a fashion rental concept for ‘power-women’ in a most creative way. The application was very detailed, containing clear details about the business model. Lastly, the start-up has shown strong stakeholder management, setting up impressive strategic partnerships. The owner, Mrs. Hanh Vlooswijk-Lu presented her pitch during the YEP Awards segment of GBPAP2020

Cool & Sustainable. The WAUW factor
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UniFirst Announces Q1 Results of fiscal 2021: A 4% revenue drop

Unifirst, a North American leader in workplace uniforms and protective work wear clothing in the United States, reported results for its first quarter ended November 28, 2020.

The company reported a 4% decrease of its consolidated revenue compared to the corresponding period in the prior fiscal year. According to Mr Steven Sintros, UniFirst President and Chief Executive Officer they are overall pleased with their first quarter results which were achieved despite the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have on their business and the economy as a whole. UniFirst´s top priorities continue to be the safety of their employee Team Partners as well as servicing their customers.

Mr Sintros also stated that at this time, their overall outlook in the quarters ahead remains uncertain. Recent increases in positive COVID-19 cases have caused certain states, provinces and municipalities to reimplement temporary restrictions on businesses. The impact of these or further restrictions as well as the potential positive impact of a broader vaccine distribution are currently difficult to project. As a result, they will not be providing further guidance at this time. Their solid balance sheet positions them well to meet the ongoing challenges presented by COVID-19 while continuing to invest in growth and strengthen our business.

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