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GCL conference in Birmingham (UK): “Best Practice, plus profitable and sustainable business”

The Guild of Cleaners and Launderers (GCL) organized a well attended conference in Birmingham (UK) on the 10th of March. In total some 110 were in attendance on this day full of interesting presentations from 9 speakers and a panel discussion with some of the UK’s finest dry cleaners. Central theme of the conference was “Best Practice, plus profitable and sustainable business” which was addressed by the speakers covering new business models, European & global trends, new technologies, laundry management, most common mistakes in dry cleaning and a master class on spotting. On behalf of CINET, Leon Wennekes presented global innovations in professional textile care based on some the world’s most extraordinary laundries which participated in CINET’s Global Best Practices Awards Program.

GCL & CINET partner up for e-learning in the UK!

On the eve of the Conference Saturday 9th March the Guild and CINET signed a partnership agreement “that the Guild should Brand and Market an E-Learning Package created by CINET Exclusively in the UK”. It was agreed that the Guild will make the package UK-ready and CINET will market Guild text books internationally via the WOPCOM platform.

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ExpoClean & CINET South American PTC Conference!

This PTC conference takes place at  the Expo Clean event 29-31 May 2019 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In collaboration with the show organization and Multiservicios magazine, CINET aims to host a conference program on 29 and 30 May: The South American Best Practices Laundry Workshop & International Booth. Companies from Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and Chile have been invited to participate in this unique networking event. Objective is to initiate active networking for cooperation improve the performance of participating laundries. At The South American Best Practices Laundry Workshop, CINET agreed to set up an International Laundry Pavilion for international suppliers. Meanwhile, first registrations have been received.

Draft of International Laundry Pavilion

This event is related to CINET’s Global Best Practices Awards, please find the preliminary program via the event page.

If you also want to participate, please contact the CINET secretariat at


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CINET introduces the PTC Laundrypreneur International Master Class Exchange program.

CINET Masterclass Exchange program
Advanced, Innovative PTC Business Models

The goal of this Exchange program is:

  • To exchange know-how and practical experience especially amongst young promising Laundry managers and upcoming business owners;
  • To stimulate innovation by organizing 5 Master Class programs (in 5 different countries) all focused around a specific topic for new business models, management principles, innovative technology and developing new PTC business strategies;
  • For international networking; set up personal contacts between the most promising young laundrypreneurs that represent their country, long-time industry experts and leading suppliers to discuss new enabling technologies and how implementation can open up new markets.

CINET will organize, in cooperation with national associations and international suppliers, a program of 5 sessions/workshops of 3 days on digitization & new business development.

New business development will be focused on B2B and B2C markets customers which currently are hardly serviced. Each trip will be consisting of 3 days study & workshops and a half day cultural sightseeing & having fun.

Global Best Practices Awards

The objective is to acquire participants amongst nominees from the Global Best Practices Awards Program. Subsequently this International Exchange Program will be organised (when possible) in line with National Pre Selection Events.

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Meet the GBPAP18’s outstanding PTC showcases: Blue Lagoon Clean (Romania)

For the coming period, we will present you week by week, the most outstanding PTC showcases that were officially nominated for The Global Best Practices Awards Program 2018. The profiles of these companies are also present in the WOPCOM platform, which you can access here.

Blue Lagoon Clean (Romania)

Main objective: the best expercience for customers!

Before 2013, all the major businesses providing cleaning services in Bucharest were dry-clean. After Blue Lagoon Clean first imported the wet-clean technology, a growing number of companies shifted to wet-cleaning or opted for a mixture between the two technologies, due to the increasing environmental concerns.

The services provided by Blue Lagoon Clean transform the cleaning service into an outstanding experience, by the following 4 strong points, that also represent Blue Lagoon Clean’s business philosophy:

  1. Technology – that enables the company to offer the best results to the clients, while protecting their garments.
  2. FREE PickUp & Delivery service – a service that is most appreciated by the clients, that want more time for what is important to them. This service was first launched in 2014, and has ever since grown up to the point that this year Blue Lagoon Clean opened the biggest eco-friendly cleaning service in SE Europe dedicated exclusively for the online division as it is called.
  3. Best price – through the PREPAID SUBSCRIPTIONS, that offers 30% DISCOUNT to the clients.
  4. 100% Insured Service – in which the client is protected, against accidental damage to the garments.

Basically, Blue Lagoon Clean responds to every need that the client might have, making the company one of the best choices when it comes to professional textile cleaning in Bucharest.

Unique design in one of Blue Lagoon Clean’s units

Customer-centric approach

The business model evolved around the customer and what is important to him. In every decision, Blue Lagoon Clean takes in consideration the following:

Technology – eco-friendly, reliable and with the least risk in damaging the garments.

Quality – achieved by investment in high technology and constant training of personnel.

Innovation in services – always try to offer to the clients a little more than just cleaning services, but offer a whole experience, where they find quality, more time for what is important to them, best prices and a satisfaction guarantee.

New media plays an important role in the communication with the client. If something is wrong, the client will immediately post about it on the Facebook page. The owners find that this is a good way for them to learn and improve constantly. And by the way, they have a 4,5 rating from their customers.

Special offers to boost sales

The eco-friendliest service

Being an eco-friendly cleaning service, the company uses water and bio-degradable detergents. The risk of spills is greatly reduced because of state-of-the-art technology. Blue Lagoon Clean has pre-detaching tables that have vacuumed surfaces that take all the residues in contained recipients, the washing machines are self-loaded with detergents from secured recipients, as well.

The technology used allows a reduced water, detergent, electricity and gas consumption as follows: In the washing process, all of the machines are equipped with weighing systems of the garments, so it uses less water, when the machines are not fully loaded. Also the washing machines are equipped with detergent pumps, that use so much detergent as needed for the quantity of garments that are being processed.

The driers are equipped with humidity sensors, that stops the program when the garments are dried. This insures an optimised consumption of electricity and gas.

Well-trained personnel means better customer service

The company has an unique Training Facility which offers students the opportunity to get a formal qualification in the field of cleaning services. The Training Facility does not only offer theoretical knowledge, but is fully equipped with all the machines usually found in a cleaning store. The courses delivered to students have two equal components: theoretical and practical.

The main courses that are offered are: Front desk reception, Universal operator for machines ( washing, drying, spot removing ), Ironing both manual and automated ( using finishing machines ). This courses are mandatory for the company’s personnel regardless of their previous work experience in the field of cleaning, so that the management makes sure that our standard of quality is implemented with new personnel.

Special attention to details

Blue Lagoon Clean’s employees are payed above the market salary, and that extra pay comes from the bonuses that are given monthly based on quantity and quality of garments cleaned and ironed.

The quality control procedure specifies multiple control points as follows: the receptionist identifies the stains, flaws and the cleaning procedure for every article received from the client, notes the information and the passes the articles to the Universal operator, that starts the cleaning procedure. After the garments are dried they are send to ironing, where the garments are first inspected for stains. After ironing, the garments go to finishing and packaging where they are inspected once again to see is they were cleaned and ironed properly. After these steps, the Quality Manager checks randomly finished orders to see if they meet our quality requirements.

Blue Lagoon Clean owns one of the biggest eco-friendly wet-cleaning service in SE Europe and they have the biggest and most advanced carpet cleaning service in Bucharest.


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How to become a Master in PTC (Professional Textile Care): E-MICROBIOLOGY

The E-MICROBIOLOGY course is a part of the e-learning courses for the Industrial Textile Services specialists. With the term of hygiene we mean all the measures that we must take with the aim to minimize the risk of contamination. This is actually a constant process in which one starts the fight with micro-organisms. This training treats all aspects of hygiene, micro-organisms and how to maintain a hygienic laundry.

Among the course’s chapters, you can find the following:
• A clean laundry
• Micro-organisms
• Measurement Methods
• Disinfection
• Hygienic washing process

By attending the (online) E-MICROBIOLOGY course from the Level B of The World of PTC Business School, you will gain and strengthen the following skills:

1) Understand the importance of hygiene

  • Understand the importance of hygiene
  • Be able to identify different forms of personal hygiene
  • Distinguish various sources of contamination
  • Distinguish several groups of micro-organisms
  • Have knowledge of different types of microorganisms
  • Have knowledge about important factors in the growth of bacteria

2) Know different methods to detect bacteria

  • Understand different methods to detect bacteria on fabrics
  • Know different methods to detect bacteria in water
  • Have knowledge of the assessment criteria of bacteria

3) Have the basic knowledge of disinfection

  • Distinguish different kinds of disinfection
  • Know about thermal disinfection
  • Have knowledge about chemical disinfection
  • Recognize different disinfection agents

The World of PTC – Business School is a training initiative developed by CINET in cooperation with international suppliers, specifically designed for professional laundry and dry cleaning stakeholders. Through this initiative CINET aims to strengthen and stimulate the development of the PTC (Professional Textile Care) industry.

You will find easy accessible information on Retail Textile Cleaning and Industrial Textile Services on the following levels:

  • Starters (Level C): Basic level of education and knowledge for people who likes to start in the textile cleaning industry:
  • Operational Excellence (Level B): Advanced level for operators, employees for detail knowledge and skills of the textile cleaning process
  • Management (Level A): Excellent level for managers and employees on legislation, improvement methodologies, operational management, business modelling & cost structures and marketing

The product range of The World of PTC – Business School consists of E-learning & (on the job) Training courses, Practical Workshops & Webinars and a vast PTC online library & Book series. Select the courses that match your professional (both individual and company) needs and become a Master in PTC!

More info, on the E-TEXTILE KNOWLEDGE course  in The World of PTC – Business School – here!

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5àsec has opened first store in United Arab Emirates in Dubai

Recently, the first 5àsec outlet located at Dubai Marina, in the heart of the New Dubai, has opened its doors. The store was officially opened by the Chairman of 5àsec UAE, Sheikh Maktoum bin Butti Al Maktoum, and Sheikh Rashid bin Butti Al Maktoum.

The opening celebration also marked the beginning of a more extensive project. As early as March, a second dry cleaning shop in Jumeirah is planned, and a third outlet is scheduled later this Spring. Vincent Monnot, President of 5àsec Group: “5àsec was created 51 years ago by Roger Chavanon. Today it is today a strong and responsible brand, with a network of 1,800 dry cleaning shops across 33 countries. Its presence in Dubai is the starting point of a long series of upcoming developments”.

Partnering with an experienced local master franchisee, 5àsec is confident in the potential of this market with innovative offering and processes in line with the local requirements of a wealthy clientele. The brand has thus set up a central production unit connected to a new logistics application in order to be able to supply its stores in record time. A new mobile 5àsec UAE App, offering a home delivery service, will also be available as of the 2nd quarter of this year.

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Christeyns announces record turnover in UK

Chemicals manufacturer Christeyns recently announced that overall UK group turnover last year exceeded £60million for the first time in the company’s history. From January to December 2018, all divisions recorded positive turnover growth, with one division growing by 17%.

At the same time the 2019 targets for the business – for both Christeyns UK and its parent company Christeyns N.V. – were presented and key issues – such as industry trends, the impact of Brexit as well as training, marketing and business development – were discussed.  With its continued focus on the environment and the challenges of producing innovative solutions, the company is constantly seeking to provide specialised chemicals and systems that offer optimum results whilst also reducing operational costs.

The statements were made at a conference for over 100 employees from across the UK and Ireland representing its key business units in laundry, food hygiene, specialist construction chemicals and professional hygiene. Nick Garthwaite, managing director Christeyns UK, led the opening address and update from a UK perspective.  Alain Bostoen, CEO of Christeyns Group, provided the global viewpoint. They closed the event with a summary of the 2019 plans, which include ambitious organic growth as well as further acquisitions.


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Legendary Australian “Golden Oldie” drycleaner passed away

The Austalian drycleaning industry recently lost a legend when Miller Goodwin passed away peacefully in his sleep.  He was aged 88.

Goodwin was a visionary and actively involved in the industry over 50 years and maintained contact with the “Golden Oldies” – a tightly knit cohort of retired drycleaners, allied traders and launderers who met regularly. He loved drycleaning, and the points he regularly raised are as relevant now as then. According to him, there is nothing new in the industry, but things are done differently and a bit tougher. “We have to train ourselves and train our people. Without this we cannot be successful”

Some other items he used to focus on: involvement between fellow small businesses, such as the pharmacy and the drycleaner, in order to learn from each other’s business and … hygiene strategies. For instance, he suggested drycleaners to clean and promote themselves better, like pharmacies do! Finally, he advised fellow drycleaners to be members of the local business trading community. “You need to know what is going on, talk to other people about how they are finding business. Be a part of the business landscape: outside of the supermarket you might well have the greatest financial commitment in your community.”

Our deepest condolences go out to family, friends and relatives.

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3TLC Tri-State Laundry Companies selected as Electrolux Professional Laundry Distributor in the US

Laundrylux recently announced that TLC Tri-State Laundry Companies has joined the Electrolux Professional laundry distribution network. Founded in 1995 by Matthew Stephenson, TLC Tri-State Laundry Companies has grown to a support team of over 80 professionals with four locations in 6 states, including Valdosta, home to its new 101,000 sq. ft. distribution facility.

Gordon Kertland, Executive Vice President of Sales for Laundrylux: “We couldn’t be happier to have TLC Tri-State join the Electrolux distributor network. They are a true professional organization and I believe our strengths complement each other well to offer customers amazing products and outstanding service.” The company is considered to be a premier distributor, delivering personalized consultation, sales, service, and financing solutions. Its team includes industry veterans who have helped entrepreneurs establish hundreds of successful laundromat businesses throughout the U.S.

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Dan Carter-backed Laundromat seeks listing on New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX)

Australian laundry and dry cleaning company Laundromap – with former All Black rugby player Dan Carter as one of its early investors – plans to list on the NZX late in the second quarter of this year.

The company — which lets customers have laundry collected and delivered from home or work with the help of a cellphone application — is in the process of buying 20 to 30 laundry and dry-cleaning businesses in Australia and New Zealand. It will be a compliance listing, which means the company will list its existing securities without making a public offer. Chairman Rob Levison said the laundry and dry-cleaning sector was one of the few industries yet to face a technology shake-up.

After looking at some dry-cleaning businesses, he saw an opportunity to make better use of their plant and machinery, which typically operated about 30 to 40 per cent of the time. The business is already up and running. It has obtained technology under licence from Britain’s Laundrapp for exclusive use in Australia and New Zealand. Laundromap has about 70 investors with no shareholder having a large, cornerstone stake. Carter and his business partner, former Crusaders player Ben Hurst, were among the first investors.


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