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CINET Seminar GBPAP22: Robotization & Automation for Sustainable Processing:



The immense transformation of the industry was best demonstrated by the CINET Webinar; “Robotization & Automation for Sustainable Processing?” at the GBPAP22 during Expo Detergo, October last. The worldwide leading suppliers of these new technologies, Laundry Robotics, Inwatec / Jensen and Kannegiesser presented available technologies ready for usage to create a new future of higher productivity, better efficiency, less human labor for heavy and/or dangerous work. This is believed to lead to 100% automated processing at short notice.

Continue reading “CINET Seminar GBPAP22: Robotization & Automation for Sustainable Processing:”

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Tvatteriforbundet Annual Meeting Malmo Sweden: Interactive Inspiration for business Development!

Welcome to Malmö was the title of environmental director of Malmö Rebecka Persson’s introduction on what is going on in the Öresund region’s center. The various projects that the members and Tvätteriförbundet are involved in were updated by Anne-Charlotte Hanning, RISE:  “Upstream measures at an industrial laundry for mitigating microplastic release into the wastewater and impact at the waste water treatment plant” as well as Julia Ronkainen and Roos Mulder, Wargön Innovation and The Loop Factory: Texchain3. Additionally. Rickard Gegö gave an insight into their journey of change and future goals. Many smiled in recognition at the TV-program Swedish Truckers, who really put the Swedish trucking industry on the map. Continue reading “Tvatteriforbundet Annual Meeting Malmo Sweden: Interactive Inspiration for business Development!”

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Innovative textiles service subscription from Sweden

Swedish textiles supplier VarUnik is now launching an integrated circular service aimed at hotels with a strong climate focus. With the new brand ‘Rethink Textiles’, the company intends to help hotels in their attempts to reach their environmental goals. The new brand is a circular subscription service that includes communication, inspiration, education, laundry service and textiles.  Continue reading “Innovative textiles service subscription from Sweden”

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Polish Laundry Foundation Forum 2022 – Focus on smart energy solutions

Recently the 2nd Forum of the Polish Laundry Foundation took place in Krynica, Poland. In 2021, 350 participants and 140 laundry companies from all over Poland were present and this year approximately 300 participants participated. The event was focused on companies with knowledge on how to save money on utilities, but also on solutions that are still unknown/not-used in the laundry industry since their implementation had previously been unprofitable. Continue reading “Polish Laundry Foundation Forum 2022 – Focus on smart energy solutions”

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Future Leader in the US Laundry Industry presents herself….

Julia Milch is vice president of growth strategy for US-based Laundrylux. Before joining the company, she spent three years with Microsoft as a CRM solutions specialist and in business development. Since her grandfather Bernie Milch was one of the pioneers of the industry, she grew up hearing stories of how he helped build the commercial laundry business in America. In a recently published interview she presented her vision for the future. Some highlights: Continue reading “Future Leader in the US Laundry Industry presents herself….”

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Survey 2023 in US: positive laundry industry outlook

Each quarter, subscribers to an American laundry news magazine are invited to anonymously take part in an online industry survey. Managers and administrators of institutional/OPL, cooperative, commercial and industrial laundries are all encouraged to participate, in order to define operator opinions and identify industry trends. Continue reading “Survey 2023 in US: positive laundry industry outlook”

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