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Laundry On-Demand Meetup with the world’s most successful startups & scale-ups!

CINET program during the Clean Show 20-23 june 2019

As is a custom CINET will host an international visitors program. The Clean show will be full of innovations, especially in the field of Laundry on Demand which is naturally quite ahead in the US compared to the European markets.

You’re cordially invited to join CINET during this trip with highlights being:

  • Show visit to one of the worlds largest trade shows on professional textile care in the swining city of New Orleans!
  • Second edition of the well attended ‘Laundry on Demand Meetup’ where CINET will invite the most interesting startups and and scale-ups to share their story on best practices in the field of Laundry on Demand.
  • Company visits to industrial laundries and Retail laundry & dry cleaning businesses in the area with a focus on new process technology, laundry on demand and digitization.
  • Knowledge sharing sessions & network opportunities for meeting international colleagues.
  • USA Culture: American burgers & New Orleans special craft beer in the famous ‘French Quarter’.
  • Visit one of the many New Orleans festivals and music parades.

CINET program during JET Expo 19-21 May 2019

CINET will host a full program with activities starting Friday night 17 May with drinks at the St. James Albany hotel in Paris. Every day until 21 May there will be a program which industry colleagues are more than welcome to join!

Highlights of this trip will be:

  • Visit the French-oriented trade show on professional textile care with interesting new technologies and innovations.
  • French Best Practices Awards; CINET will organize an awards program together with the show organizer, the French trade magazine l’Entretien and the national French associations.
  • Company visits to modern French textile care companies in the area, focussing on companies with modern marketing and laundry on demand business models.
  • Participate in knowledge-sharing sessions with benchmark results from the latest wet cleaning and dry cleaning solutions organized by CINET in collaboration with French partners and meet other international colleagues in PTC.
  • Paris by night! One-of-a-kind nightlife with an extraordinary show at the famous Lido
  • Baguettes, French wine and many other typical French treats!
  • Paris nightlife: one-of-a-kind with an extraordinary show at the famous ‘Lido’

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World of PTC Volume VI: Digitization and E-Commerce, New Businesses & Showcases ITS and RTC

In line with the Global Best Practices Award Program, this book was compiled to inspire PTC companies worldwide. Order your books via the website, or via CINET Secretariat.

The World of PTC vol. 6 (Part 1, 2 and 3) was launched during ExpoDetergo International. At the CINET Global Info Square Meeting, the first copies were be presented to the International Jury of the Global Best Practices Awards Program 2018. All 150 official Global Best Practices Nominees, that participated in the Awards Program, are incorporated in the book. A book full of ideas by inspiring companies.

Showcasing inspiring companies
World of PTC volume 6 (Part 1, 2 and 3). In line with book 3, 4 and 5, addressing innovation in the industry, volume 6 focuses on market developments combined with innovative business models within the PTC industry. Business models are presented by showcasing inspiring examples of companies that are active in the industry today. The World of PTC volume 6 (Part 1, 2 and 3) is a kick-off, highlighting numerous positive developments and growth potential for the PTC industry today. Based on market studies (The World of PTC Volume 2) and information exchange through CINET’s global network there is a firm belief that the industry has a growth potential of some 50% on a global scale. When professional companies with entrepreneurial mind-sets are picking up on the opportunities there is a bright future ahead!

The material presented in the book endorses and demonstrates the capabilities of modern professional textile care as the best available solution for numerous end user markets. Based on these findings a comprehensive communication plan will be introduced to showcase the added value of the industry to external stakeholders such as end-users, NGO’s and governments worldwide. Based on the positive effects that have occurred so far, CINET is convinced the concept of Global Awards is extremely positive for the industry and the first plans for a next Awards Program have already drafted.


CINET Professional Textile Care

Phone: +31 344 650 430
P.O. Box 10, 4060GA Ophemert, The Netherlands

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The 25 YEARS SUCCESS STORY of MEM-TEX GROUP; Winner CINET Global Best Practices Award 2016

At CEE-TEX 2016 in Novi Sad, Serbia, Global Best Practice Award winners Mem-Tex Group Hungary presented their company. An excellent showcase, full of inspiration for setting up new advanced businesses in the CEE region.

The origin of Mem-Tex Group
The Mem-Tex Group was founded only after the change of regime in Hungary in 1990. The company has developed itself to a leading healthcare laundry in the country, operating 4 plants in the cities of Szolnok, Vác, Baja and the recently acquired plant in Székesfehérvár.

Mem-Tex operates with an extensive portfolio of services to hospitals. Providing the full range of needs of the surgery and all other departments, including smocks and uniforms in a textile rental model. To ensure on time delivery the warehouse is located at the premises of the client, where Mem-Tex employees handle the handover and takeover of the soiled and clean textiles.

Development into the world’s No.1 laundry
From the starting point in 1990 with assets worth only €1000 (1 Dacia car, 1 Skoda car and one computer) Mem-Tex has developed into the leading Healthcare laundry in Hungary, with assets now worth €3mln. The market share in healthcare laundry of 19% represents an annual turnover of €4mln.

Mem-Tex continuously develops and widens its services based on the international trends and market requirements, including the implementation of standards and innovations in the area of sustainability and energy-efficiency. It’s the only laundry in Hungary that provides locker service and healthcare uniform rental services to her clients. Next, Logo-Tex is one of the two companies that provide RFID tracking and tracing. This RFID system is used by eight hospitals in Hungary, of which six are clients of Mem-Tex.

At Texcare International, June 2016, Mem-Tex was proclaimed winner of the Global Best Practices Award “Overall Best” for Textile Service. Over 100 companies from 35 countries worldwide participated in the prestigious Awards, and the top-30 presented their case to an international jury of industry experts. Mem-Tex is honoured and proud of this international acknowledgement for their continuous development and innovation.

Towards the future; Innovation and market expansion

Services are implemented on the level of hospital wards, connected to the warehouse operation, where employees of Mem-Tex collect the soiled textiles and provide the clean ones according to the needs of the individual wards. For one client Mem-Tex even manages the entire technical operation, from gardening to laundry, to facility management. A full service model with great potential.

The future plans of Mem-Tex focus on expanding its market share and client portfolio in Healthcare (textile rental) and RFID service, increasing the full ‘technical operation’ client portfolio, and entering the hospitality and workwear rental market. Also the company plans to introduce the rental of high-performance surgical drapes in the Hungarian market. In short, to stay a true winner in the Hungarian PTC market.

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CEE-TEX 22 to 24/09/2016; Practical solutions for customer satisfaction

This year CEE-TEX will focus on new business cases, offering practical solutions for customer satisfaction. In addition to the national associations, we are happy to introduce the main partners: Alliance/IPSO, Lapauw, Kreussler, Dozit Plus, Electrolux, DOW/Safechem and Dibella.

From 22 until 24 September 2016 CEE-TEX takes place in Novi Sad, Serbia. This international event for textile professionals in Central and East Europe, is co-organised by the Serbian Textile Cleaning Association NEGA TEKSTILA and CINET. The event is supported by national associations and organisations from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania & Slovenia.

In addition to the Hungarian (TTE), Tsjech (APAC) and Slovakian (SPAC) National Associations and the and Polish Laundry Association who have confirmed their participation, several international partners have confirmed their support as well. We are happy to introduce all partners: Alliance/IPSO, Lapauw, Kreussler, Dozit Plus, Electrolux, DOW/Safechem, Dibella, Surfchimica, Ecolab, Data Expert, Union and Mestro.

Purpose of the event is to represent and strengthen the professional textile care industry in the CEE region, through offering a knowledge platform and information package specially developed for the region. CEE-TEX aims to provide a platform for PTC companies, their suppliers, national associations, as well as individual professionals and experts. All are brought under one roof to gather and exchange information, learn about the latest trends, technologies and developments. The program not only offers information on market characteristics and trends, but also provides best practice information on how to achieve excellence in daily operations, starting from tomorrow.
Amongst others, Logo-TEX, an industrial laundry and the Hongarian winner of the Overall Best Practices Category Textile Services, will relate how they have achieved this position. In addition the program offers severail lectures and workshops aimed at current affairs relevant to the industry today.

For all organisations, with interests in the CEE region, CEE-TEX 2016 will be an interesting event to visit. For more information, visit: The website is fully updated and information can be found in several languages.

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International Certification

E-learning materials available for company training
The worldwide demand for quality management systems and certification is growing. This trend results in various certificates and quality management systems. CINET now introduces a dedicated international certification program for the PTC industry including multilingual E-learning materials. This program supports launderers and drycleaners worldwide to meet quality and hygiene requirements for textile care companies. The program is set up for both textile/dry-cleaning and for textile service/laundries, covering the entire professional textile care industry, non-accredited and accredited by the Council of Accreditation.

CINET International Certification Program
CINET introduces an international certification program for professional textile care companies. Dedicated programs are available for dry cleaners and launderers. Individual companies, and thereby the industry, are supported to improve their performance according to modern international acknowledged processes and management principles. This provides assurance of quality and hygiene and guarantees the added value for customers and end users. Key words are safety, quality, hygiene and sustainability. The international quality certification system is available for companies all over the world. The program therefore can be seen as a standard and benchmark in quality management for the global professional textile care industry.

CINET’s international certification is based on international acknowledged guidelines and standards like ISO 9001 and RABC EN, 14065 offers a generic framework which is applicable in all countries. Control and monitoring of critical steps in the process, validation of processes, determining specific requirements are a few of the basic principles that form the basis of any quality management system. Specific requirements regarding e.g. the microbiological quality of textiles may vary per country and can be easily implemented in the schemes.

Step by step approach
The programs offer a step by step approach enabling PTC companies to participate at their own pace. CINET offers full support to enterprises in cooperation with national organizations, associations and representatives of international suppliers. A web based application on the CINET website guides applicants along the different steps leading to certification. Tools, including a model handbook, are available in the national language. Tools and all steps are fully explained and documented and thus accessible even though companies may not have any experience with certification. By making use of the E-Certification tool, model handbook and webinars on specific subjects the companies will gain the knowledge needed to develop a comprehensive quality management system. This is documented by a handbook tailored to the individual company, processes and customers in various market segments in which they operate.

After successful completion of the program, companies have acquired two certificates. Level 1 certification includes all relevant aspects of business processes in accordance with requirements of quality management. Level 2 certification focuses on the hygienic, microbiological quality of processes and deliveries. Certificates for level 1 and 2 are not accredited.

Textile Services
For textile service companies, three levels are available. To acquire an accredited certification (Level3), obtaining a level 2 certificate is a prerequisite. Level 3 is executed by an international accredited certification body. This step leads to an official accredited certificate issued for the complete quality management system, so including level 1 and 2.

Textile Cleaning (non-accredited)
TC level 1 Quality management
TC level 2 Hygiene management

Textile Service (non-accredited)
TS level 1 Quality management
TS level 2 Hygiene management

Textile Service (accredited)
TS level 3 ISO 9001 / RABC EN 14065

Certification helps!
Where industries evolve, the demand for quality management systems increases proportionately. This applies to professional textile service and textile cleaning. It is acknowledged that the process of certification, helps entrepreneurs to continuously improve and accurately tune business processes. Regular assessment of processes increases the sense of responsibility, commitment and motivation of staff. A certificate, as a statement of conformity, supports communication with target groups. For customers and authorities it is a prove of controlled business processes and therefore a consistent quality level of products and/or services. Nowadays certificates are often required, for instance if companies want to compete in a tender procedure. Certificates also support the image and profile of companies.

For more information please contact the CINET secretariat or visit the International Certification page.

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CINET Global Best Practices Awards Program 2016; …and the winners are…

‘A successful first ever edition of the Global Best Practices Awards in PTC’

Location: Frankfurt, Germany
CINET congratulates all winners of the Global Best Practices Awards Program, on their efforts to profile their business during this program The Awards Ceremony took place on Sunday the 12th of June 2016. We’ve seen truly extraordinary companies coming from all over the world righteously being called amongst the best of the world in Professional Textile care. The winners are:

Best Overall Award TC: Beijing Fornet Laundry Services from China.Best Overall Award TC: Beijing Fornet Laundry Services from China.

Best Overall Award TS: Logo Tex from Hungary.

Best Overall Award TS: Logo Tex from Hungary.

Winners in the categories: Innovation and Sustainability

Innovation Award
This award is presented to companies in that are very successful in presenting their high quality service level and demonstrating their professionalism in textile care up till each detail. Especially their business model for innovation was evaluated.

Innovation Award TC: Laundrapp from the UK.

Innovation Award TC: Laundrapp from the UK.

Innovation Award TS: Synergy Health from the Netherlands.
Innovation Award TS: Synergy Health from the Netherlands.

Sustainability Award
The Sustainability Award is presented to companies, because of their excellent performance in Best Practices and especially sustainable processing.

Sustainability Award TC: Fashion Cleaners from the USA.
Sustainability Award TC: Fashion Cleaners from the USA.

Sustainability Award TS: CHMS from Germany.
Sustainability Award TS: CHMS from Germany.

Country Best Scores Awards
The Country Best Scores Awards are presented to companies originating from countries that had over three entries amongst the 100 official nominees.

  • Argentina: Lavadero Banfield
  • Brazil: Klarind
  • China: Beijing Fornet Laundry Service
  • France: GCS BIH 77
  • Germany: Goldstück
  • India: 5áSec
  • Italy: Pierotti
  • The Netherlands: Topcleaning
  • Poland: Prawol
  • Russia: Cotton Way/ Master Cleaning
  • USA: Fashion Cleaners

Special Awards
The Special Awards are presented to companies which have an unique, extraordinary business concept or a distinguishing model on social responsibility.

The Special Awards for Extraordinary Business Cases were received by:

  • BleskInCare/ Novost laundry, Russia
  • Crouse’s Cleaners, Canada
  • Korea Laundry Co. Ltd. (WashEnjoy), Korea
  • Prestige Cleaners, USA

The Special Awards for Corporate Social Responsibility were presented to:

  • Orange Sky Laundry, Australia
  • Esat l’Eventail “Pressing de la Sarre”, France
  • CHETNA (Dibella, Lamme, Blycolin), The Netherlands, India

Ranking Overall Best Practices Award TC/TS
This award is presented to the entrepreneurial companies in TC/TS, because of their advanced business models and services to consumers and BtoB applications with extraordinary marketing materials and their ability to develop new markets and business areas.

Ranking Overall TC Score

  1. Beijing Fornet Laundry Service, China 44,59
  2. Topcleaning, The Netherlands 42,81
  3. Laundrapp, United Kingdom 42,70
  4. Fashion Cleaners, USA 41,50
  5. Goldstueck Textilpflege, Germany 41,28
  6. ToTomorrow, Japan 41,21
  7. Bubble & Stitch, The Netherlands 40,32
  8. Diana, Russia 39,84
  9. Drop & Wash, Malaysia 39,83
  10. Pop’s, Serbia 39,53
  11. Ayaks, Russia 39,39
  12. Pierotti, Italy 39,00
  13. SB Fabcare 5àsec, India 38,80

Ranking Overall TS Score

  1. Logo Tex, Hungary 42,72
  2. Lavans, The Netherlands 42,67
  3. Synergy Health, The Netherlands 42,52
  4. Master Cleaning, Russia 42,23
  5. Shanghai Matilian Laundry Service (Fornet), China  42,21
  6. CHMS, Germany 40,94
  7. Prawol, Poland 40,82
  8. Kromatic Brasov, Romania 40,48
  9. Klarind, Brazil 38,79
  10. Jiangsu Aixin Enterprise Service | Lovetex, China 38,58
  11. GCS BIH 77, France 36,80
  12. Lavadero Banfield, Argentina 36,06
  13. Newasco, The Netherlands 34,58
  14. MBS sas Lavanderia, Italy 38,32
  15. Tintorerias Max, Mexico 38,22
  16. Deluxe Dyers & Dry Cleaners, India 37,22
  17. Belaroussi Pressing, Algeria 29,90
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Texcare International Forum

Texcare Forum CINET Programme
Report of the future of textiles and functions – Opportunities for the Textile Care Industry
During the Texcare show an extensive event programme was organised, including the Texcare forum. The Forum on Sunday the 12th was organised by CINET, the global umbrella association for professional textile care, highlighting the added value of textiles and textile services for end users.

Who will stand up to create added value
The forum was introduced by mr Wennekes, CEO of CINET, raising the question who will stand up to create the added value for the end users. Due to the fast changes in society, technology and services there is a need for more added value for the customers. The key is to transform the role and capability of the industry from a low interest service to a high valuable contribution to our clients and end users. Offer a total solution with professional high quality services for current and new business areas. That is the business model for the future.

Personal style, comfort and functionalities
This message was supported by the presentation of Dr. Böttger, liaison officer for CINET and consultant at Expo+Consulting. He was describing the trends for consumers to more convenience. In the workwear industry a strong development to more fashionable, comfortable and functional workwear is noticed. In healthcare his expectation is that the price pressure remains and therefore textile management, service aspects combined with the feel at home aspects become more important. In the hospitality sector the experience is the most important with customisable functionalities and styles. In general corporate social responsibilities and sustainability is a basic value.

Ensuring the protective functions of PPE in industrial reprocessing
The added value textiles can provide is very clear in PPE, where safety and health are ensured by the functional garments. Dr. Schmidt from the Hohenstein Institute gave some examples of research projects that enhances the protective functionality, but also with respect to the comfort of the wearer. Depending on the kind of PPE, various special laundry processes are necessary to ensure the protective function. If the reprocessing is done in industrial laundries and textile services the protective function must be ensured by these companies.

Context Engineered Textiles
Customer markets are increasingly demanding sustainability and products manufactured under ethical conditions. The laundries have come a long way here, as their rental service concept outperforms the alternatives of customer-owned linen on use of resources and sustainability. The market is moving towards sustainability permeating the entire product lifecycle. Mr Beirholm, CEO of Beirholms Væverier A/S introduced the concept of Context Engineered Textiles – market-fit, operational-fit and manufacturing-fit products – that also have the potential to significantly reduce the laundries’ production costs, boost their market share and increase satisfaction among their customers.

Quality and hygiene: A total solution is more than a product offering 24/7 protection
Mr. Schöppe, of LEO System GmbH took a brief look at the role of textiles used in healthcare settings in the acquisition and transmission of healthcare-associated pathogens. He asks if only technological interventions can reduce the risk of transmission of micro-organisms that are associated with the healthcare environment. Or if maybe already existing developments / innovations serve this purpose efficiently and should be communicated more proactively by the Textile Service company, supported by the manufacturer? He concluded that health care apparel is one important factor for controlling transmission of infection in healthcare settings. Manufacturers of protective apparel and Textile Service companies have to co-operate in offering effective solutions to the hospital. A total solution is more than a product, creating 24/7 protection for health care workers.

Innovations in textile industry enabling added value & new services for PTC
The most important development is the ever-growing market share of polyester as a result of the limited growth possibilities for cotton. Furthermore, polyester varies with improved comfort are brought to the market. New developments in the textile production chain, e.g. inkjet printing, digital finishing and 3-D body scanning, will lead to a digital textile production with enlarged flexibility and shorter time-to-market as explained by Dr. Ir. Gooijer of the technological knowledge center textile care (TKT). These technologies are enabling mass customisation by personalized products. A third important development is going on in the integration of electronics in textiles to create smart textiles. Apart from the smart textiles themselves, promising developments are going on in data processing and data management. Mr ing. Lucassen, of TKT, explained that data management is offering new service possibilities to the textile service companies creating an added value to their customers.

Who will stand up?
Concluding this forum session it was clear that many developments contribute to the added value textiles and textile service companies can offer to meet the changing demands of their customers. The question remains who will implement these developments and offer the services to the end users, will the textile service companies take the leap to offer total solutions with a cost of ownership model or will other companies take over specialised services?

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