CINET partners also with Kreussler to organise The Global Best Practices Awards 2022

The chemical manufacturer, Chemische Fabrik Kreussler & Co. GmbH, with its two divisions, Kreussler Pharma and Kreussler Textile Chemistry, is a medium-sized company that was founded in 1912 by Christian Kreussler. Since its founding, the company has been owned by four generations of the Travers-Kreussler family. Extremely specialised, future-oriented, international and independently owned, Kreussler´s key to success lies in both their innovative excellence and their scientific approach to operations.

We are excited to associate with Kreussler as Partner for the Global Best Practices Awards 2022 to celebrate excellence in the Professional Textile Care industry.

Our team spoke to the representatives at Kreussler and discussed about the scope of PTC in the current world and how to deal with the different ongoing issues in the industry.

  1. How do you see the PTC Market after Corona Worldwide?
    We see that the market is recovering, but we are still not back to normal. Unsurprisingly, financing in large areas of the market is a challenge, too. That many small players unfortunately did not survive these years of pandemic crisis naturally intensified the trend of consolidation in the PTC market.
  2. What innovations were developed in the last 2 years for the PTC companies?
    To name but two of our latest innovations, Kreussler Textile Care launched the disinfecting solvent additive Cinta Sept in May 2021. It is easily usable in the leading solvents in distilling cleaning machines: SOLVONK4, perchloroethylene, hydrocarbons, intense® and SENSENE™, showing proven limited virucidal activity, meaning that it deactivates enveloped viruses like coronavirus SARS- CoV-2 and its mutants if properly used. By adding Cinta Sept, textiles can be freed from enveloped viruses, bacteria and yeasts quickly and gently while protecting fibers and Cinta Sept has already been awarded twice: First it has won the prestigious award BEST NEW PRODUCT at UK’s LADAs 2021, and as the result of an extraordinary research project with two other companies, Kreussler Textile Care has received an award for it as an “innovative disinfection solution” by German trade magazine WRP in 2022.For laundries, Kreussler developed Lanadol AVANT x-treme, a “big brother” for prespotting agent Lanadol AVANT in the Lanadol product family of the original wet cleaning invented by Kreussler as early as 1991. While the classic AVANT is perfect for treating even very delicate textiles, the new x-treme version is true to its name: its extreme cleaning power is ideal to do the really dirty work. Be it outdoor clothing, anoraks, or down jackets bearing the marks of adventure, shirt collars and cuffs soiled from a hard day of work, or coveralls from garages and workshops liberally decorated with oil stains, Lanadol AVANT x-treme makes short work of extreme oil and greasy soiling, pigment dirt, and soot. It is also a two-in-one-solution, as it can be used not just as a brushing agent, but also as a wash-power booster in the prewash. And it not only works perfectly in classic wet cleaning technology, but can also be used for classic washing.
  3. How do you feel you can support the PTC industry?
    Kreussler Textile Care always takes care to listen very closely to the needs of our clients and partners. The development of Cinta Sept was in direct response to the urgent need of dry cleaners worldwide asking for a solution to offer safe disinfection of dry cleaned textiles during the Corona pandemic. But of course this is not enough: we always take into account the environmental needs, too, as well as the well-being of our client’s employees, and make sure we have an optimal price-performance ratio. Our original Lanadol wet cleaning is another good example for this: by replacing perchloroethylene with water, we protected the health of everyone working at the cleaner’s as well as the environment, saved the cleaner a lot of money and trouble, gave him better cleaning results and happier customers receiving fresh, clean and nicely smelling clothes. A win- win all around!
  4. How do you see the GBPAP 2022 initiative can contribute to new business models for PTC companies?
    It is not only a great way of enabling PTC companies to learn from the best, but iit brings them together – both digitally and finally in person again – to exchange views, opinions and ideas and to explore possibilities they might not have thought about without that initiative!
  5. How can GBPAP 2022 Partners inspire more companies to participate and optimise their performance towards their clients?
    By not only being a good example, but by making sure that their own customers and partners know about GBPAP and encourage them to participate themselves, e.g. by nominating themselves or others to get the visibility and praise they deserve.
  6. What can we do together to profile the performance of the PTC industry?
    As in every industry, communication plays a crucial role: if everybody is easily able to learn about new innovations and great examples, the whole industry will be able to profit from it!