CINET & Renzacci partners together to organise The Global Best Practices Awards 2022

Renzacci is an Italian company, and one of the worldwide leaders in cleaning and hygiene sector, with an activity of more than 45 years, exporting to 120 countries all over the world. There are many exclusive innovations that Renzacci is proposing to the Professional Textile Care industry by trying to give a contribution to the recovery of the rentability of the business worldwide. The keywords in focus are SUSTAINABILITY, DIGITALIZATION AND HYGIENE.

Some of their achievements:

  1. BIO DRYCLEANING MACHINES using Natural Solvents, for a Natural Cleaning which in addition to provide very high quality cleaning results is also offering wellness thanks to the hypoallergenic and bio compatible cleaning technics used. To better follow this change, Renzacci has created the exclusive “SENTINEL ™” system, which uses a natural generator in a simple and innovative way for a deep and effective action against viruses and bacteria.
  2. Digitization systems designed for the business and entrepreneurial growth of the customers, which also allow customers in Italian to fall into the benefits provided by the TRANSITION 4.0 ™ program as prescribed by law .
  3. THE NEW OCEANO SYSTEM, which supersedes the wet cleaning because it is capable to offer innovative technics not based in the wrong attempt of substituting the dry cleaning, but instead aimed to offer highly effective methods to perform washing cycles by using only professional machines and chemical products.

The Association between the international committee for textile cleaning services, CINET and Renzacci seems promising as we are set to conquer the world of Professional Textile Cleaning by promoting the key values of circularity and sustainability. The idea behind the Global Best Practices Awards 2022 is to promote such companies who follow these key indicators and are making remarkable developments in terms of innovation and business models.

The Awards Show is going to be held at Expo Detergo in Milan, Italy on October 20-21st. Your presence virtually or physically will make a great difference.

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