Cleaners Alert from The Guild (UK)

Brinkhaus’ Exquisit Wool Topper shrunk

The mattress cover, made up of virgin wool filler and  a casing of fine Egyptian Cotton Satin, had shrunk after washing according to the care label. This states, that it can be washed in 40 degrees on a delicate wash program, and tumble dried or dry cleaned in Hydrocarbon. Problem with virgin wool is its reaction to heat, mechanical action, alkali and moisture, all present in the washing process and resulting in felting shrinkage. The care label should actually state; maximum temperature to be 30 degrees and not tumble dry! Dry cleaning in Hydrocarbon will not remove the staining associated with bedding and is therefor not effective.

A Wet Cleaning system as an effective way of avoiding problems with delicate and sensitive items because the professional wet clean process uses less mechanical action.