Cristal Cleaning Drachten obtains the NETEX Environmental and Quality Guarantee certificate again

During the audit, Cristal Cleaning Drachten (The Netherlands), proved it has everything in order for the NETEX Environment and Quality Assurance recertification Due to corona, this audit was done online via a video call including a “tour” through the company for the visual inspection. The necessary documents were submitted in advance for assessment. We would like to congratulate Mr and Mrs Sietzema once again on obtaining the certificates.

Certification more than a piece of paper!

Of course, certificates are part of a certification process. As proof that you meet the requirements and rules. In the case of the NETEX Environmental and Quality Guarantee Certificate, especially the requirements and rules in the field of environment and health and safety legislation. Especially in these times when sustainability is becoming increasingly important, it is increasingly important to be able to show customers and stakeholders, such as the competent authority, that you have your affairs in order.

An additional advantage of “having things in order” is efficiency and therefore cost savings. Good maintenance and regular checks help of course!

Get started with Cerclean®!

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