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This level provides information for the management of textile care companies according to international best practices. This includes neutral, objective know-how and state of the art technology. After finishing the complete Level A you will have a proper understanding of all management related tasks and activities required to run a retail laundry company in an effective way.

  • Calculate your exact cost price for 6 of the most common products in your retail laundry operation
  • Get an insight in the exact cost of cleaning, cost of finishing, cost of order assembly and indirect cost
  • Compare the impact of a new investment on cost and margins before actually buying a new machine, conveyor, etc.
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Do you want to know what your exact cost price for each product (jacket, pants, etc.) is?
What the influence of an investment in new machinery on your cost price will be?
What the impact of hiring another employee will mean for your profitability?

After this course you will:

Know your exact cost price for:

  • Pants
  • Jackets
  • Shirts
  • Coats
  • Other 1 (make your own choice)
  • Other 2 (make your own choice)
Note: for ‘other’ you can fill out a single product but also a product group like wash & fold

Be able to determine the cost and impact in terms of efficiency when implementing automation.

Calculate how many garments you need to receive to justify the cost of automation.

See that the impact of new machinery vs. time spent on the cost price of your service.

The tool shows that the investment of new machinery has a much less significant impact on your cost compared to time spent on each product.
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Creating "Masters in PTC"

After completing the entire Business School program you will receive the title 'Master in PTC'. This includes the course material of all three levels: Starter (level C), Operational Excellence (level B) and Management (level A), in combination with the practical training (C, B), followed by the corresponding exams.

Upon preference you can choose to study via 24/7 e-learning in combination with the practical training, or personal workshops/webinars in combination with practical training. Both paths lead to the title 'Master in PTC'.