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In most companies, quality control is performed. Mostly a check whether a product is made and, more important, functions as it should. Or in the case of textile care whether stains are removed and the garment is finished properly. Modern society demands more of todays entrepeneurs. There is an increasing demand for suppliers who have developed and implementend a certified quality management system.

This course will introduce you in the world of quality management and teach you the basic principles and the necessities of a  quality management system. An ongoing process which - step by step - increases the quality level of products and services. By continuous monitoring, adjustments, fine tuning, training and evaluation. 


  • Quality management: why?
  • Quality management: what is quality?
  • Quality management: benefits
  • Quality management system: what is it?
  • Quality management: basic requirements
  • What is conformity?
  • Quality management: how it relates to marketing!
  • Quality management and marketing: branding in textile cleaning

Quality management textile cleaning (level 1)
  • General aspects
  • Sales
  • Purchase/procurement
  • Technique and maintenance
  • Staff
  • Quality, working conditions and environment
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Why is quality control not the same as quality management?
How does quality management and marketing relate?
Does ISO 9001 guarantee the quality level of services and products?

After this course you will:

Have the basic knowledge about the basic principles of quality management

  • Why quality management?
  • What is quality management?
  • What are the benefits of quality management? 
  • What is quality management? 
  • What are the basic requirements of quality management?

Have the knowledge and tools to develop a process oriented QMS

  • How sales can be your source of information
  • How to establish a proper procurement procedure 
  • How technique and maintenance can improve efficiency 
  • How to instruct and train your staff
  • How to improve quality, working conditions and environmental condtions
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Creating "Masters in PTC"

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Upon preference you can choose to study via 24/7 e-learning in combination with the practical training, or personal workshops/webinars in combination with practical training. Both paths lead to the title 'Master in PTC'.