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Delivering services and products that meet customer requirements is a basic element in achieving a succesful operation and customer satisfaction. 

In the B2B market, requirements can be much more demanding since work wear for example, not only has to look representative but also must protect the wearer. In health and/or elderly care textiles are used to protect staff as well but the patients or clients as well. Infection prevention is a priority. So textiles must be fit for their intended use. A good quality management system is an absolute must. Here we focus on developing an extra step, namely hygiene management. To protect both your employees but also the patients and residents of your clients.
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Why pay extra attention to hygiene management
Why hygiene management is socially and ecomically important
How you can benefit form hygiene management

After this course you will:

Have the basic knowledge about the basic principles of hygiene management

  • Why sales must be your source of information
  • How garments/texiles can be hygienically cleane
  • How technique and maintenance improve hygiene 
  • How to instruct and train your staff
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Creating "Masters in PTC"

After completing the entire Business School program you will receive the title 'Master in PTC'. This includes the course material of all three levels: Starter (level C), Operational Excellence (level B) and Management (level A), in combination with the practical training (C, B), followed by the corresponding exams.

Upon preference you can choose to study via 24/7 e-learning in combination with the practical training, or personal workshops/webinars in combination with practical training. Both paths lead to the title 'Master in PTC'.