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The best practice operation will focus on how to operate the textile cleaning process on a safe and sustainable way. Optimisation of the process to increase energy efficiency, sustainability and safety for operators, employees and the environment is part of this level. This level will provide the knowledge to operate textile care according to the best practices.

• Wet clean processes
• Machine technology for wet cleaning
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What are the properties and specifics of the wet cleaning process?
What is the applicability of wet cleaning?
How to solve a water problem in wet cleaning?

After this course you will:

Have a basic understanding of the wet cleaning process

  • Have knowledge of professional wet cleaning processes
  • Have knowledge of the cleaning performance of the wet cleaning process.
  • Understands the Sinner’s circle
  • Have understanding of the differences between wet cleaning and laundry processes

Have a basic understanding of a wet cleaning machine

  • have knowledge of the process cycles in a wet cleaning machine
  • have knowledge of solvent flow schemes in a wet cleaning machine
  • have knowledge of wet cleaning machine technology

Have to basic knowledge of water quality

  • What is water quality
  • How can the water quality be improved
  • What is the water cosumption of a wet cleaning machine
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Creating "Masters in PTC"

After completing the entire Business School program you will receive the title 'Master in PTC'. This includes the course material of all three levels: Starter (level C), Operational Excellence (level B) and Management (level A), in combination with the practical training (C, B), followed by the corresponding exams.

Upon preference you can choose to study via 24/7 e-learning in combination with the practical training, or personal workshops/webinars in combination with practical training. Both paths lead to the title 'Master in PTC'.