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It is essential to have some textile knowledge when you are working with laundry. For example, a spotter has to be able to distinguish different kind of fibres and construction in order to remove the stain. This course will teach you about fibres, yarns, construction and labelling.

• Textile fibres
• Blends
• Constructions
• Assembling
• Textile labelling
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Which textile fibres can I find in clothing?
What is the influence of a textile fibre on the cleaning process?
How to use the care labelling of a garment

After this course you will:

Have the basic knowledge about the various different textile fibres

  • Know the definition of fibres
  • Have the basic knowledge of cellulosic fibres
  • Have the basic knowledge of animal fibres
  • Have the basic knowledge of synthetic fibres
  • Have the basic knowledge of blends
  • know how to identify different textile fibres

Have basic knowledge of the assembling process

  • Have basic knowledge of weaving
  • Know different weaves
  • Have basic knowledge of knitting
  • Know different knits
  • Have basic knowledge of composite materials
  • Have basic knowledge of textile finishes

Know the textile labels

  • Have basic knowledge about the composition label
  • Have basic knowledge about the different care labels
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Creating "Masters in PTC"

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