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Optimisation of the process to increase energy efficiency, sustainability and safety for operators, employees and the environment is part of this level.  Technical aspects of the machines are known and frequently occurring problems and optimization possibilities can be indicated.

• Sustainability & Safety
• Energy efficiency
• Water use
• Heat recovery
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What is a good quality of water?
How can you save energy in your cleaning process?
How can water be re-used in the cleaning process?

After this course you will:

Know the functions of water in the laundry process

  • Know what the important parameters are for the water quality
  • Know the term liquor ratio and influence on the process
  • Know the options for water recycling
  • Know the basic principles of water use
  • Know the directives concerning water
  • Know the treatment options of waste water in the laundry

Know the energy saving in the washing process

  • Know the main sustainability parameters of the laundry processes
  • Know the influence of temperature on the energy efficiency of washing
  • Know the influence of humidity on the energy efficiency of drying
  • Know good housekeeping measures to increase energy efficiency
  • Know the basic knowledge of drying
  • Know the options to save energy in the washing process
  • Know the principles of heat exchangers
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Creating "Masters in PTC"

After completing the entire Business School program you will receive the title 'Master in PTC'. This includes the course material of all three levels: Starter (level C), Operational Excellence (level B) and Management (level A), in combination with the practical training (C, B), followed by the corresponding exams.

Upon preference you can choose to study via 24/7 e-learning in combination with the practical training, or personal workshops/webinars in combination with practical training. Both paths lead to the title 'Master in PTC'.