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Detergents are crucial in the washing process. This course will tell you about the ingredients, functions and dosage of detergents and bleach.

  • Selection of detergents
  • Background of ingredients
  • Composition of detergents
  • Dosage
  • Chemical disinfection
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What ingredients are used in detergents and what are their functions?
How does the dosage influence the cleaning performance?
What kind of detergents are available?

After this course you will:

Know the different detergent options

• have basic knowledge of liquid detergents
• have basic knowledge of powder detergents
• have basic knowledge of combined detergents
• know the influence of monitoring

Know the essential building blocks of detergents

• know the functions and classifications of surface active agents
• know the functions and types of alkalis used in modern detergents
• know the functions of builders and mechanism of action
• know the types of builders and their advantages/disadvantagess

Know the most important components of washing powders for industrial laundries

• know the most important properties of surfactants, alkalis, sequestrates and enzymes as well as their role in washing process
• know the consequences of different washing powder compositions
• know and be able to explain consequences of under-dosage as well as over-dosage
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