Energy crisis worries in Germany and the role of textile care companies!

The Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline was recently undergoing maintenance. In case the gas tap would be closed,  there are serious consequences for the health system, for protective clothing and for the entire business environment in Germany – and no doubt in other European countries.  

The textile care industry is vital in societies everywhere. Textile cleaners and laundries will have to be prioritised in the supply of gas in an emergency. According to Daniel Dalkowski – Deputy Managing Director of Deutscher Textilreinigungs-Verband Ev (DTV), the current German Energy Industry Act would have to be changed. When gas is scarce, textile cleaning must be given preferential treatment, as Hans Peter Wollseifer –  President of the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts – recently stated in an interview with German newspaper ‘the Augsburger Allgemeine’.

Wollseifer: “I’ll give you an example from the critical infrastructure that you don’t immediately think of. It’s the textile cleaning services that work for hospitals. They need a lot of process energy, usually gas. If they don’t get it, they can’t wash. Then the university clinics and intensive care units will not be supplied with clean laundry, sheets and surgical towels. Nothing will happen there anymore. Because there is no laundry… .”