CINET Live! PTC Special: Sustainability First! (RTC + ITS: June 17 at 15:00 CET)!

June 17th, 2021 - June 18th, 2021    Amsterdam, NL 

CINET Live! PTC Special: Sustainability First!

(RTC + ITS: June 17 at 15:00 CET)!





Program Live Event

Note: The Program will focus on both RTC (B-to-C) and ITS (B-to-B) segments. Professional textile care is up to five times more sustainable than washing at home. A clear message based on scientific reports. Our challenge as an industry:

  • Raise awareness and acceptance within the industry and to societies
  • Demonstrate the value of Professional Textile Care and support development of new business opportunities

15:00 – 15:05. Introduction, by Peter Wennekes, CEO of CINET

  • Professional Textile Care as innovator: sustainability most important driver for new business
  • Cooperation and sharing of information to develop new initiatives and opportunities
  • Build a network, to enhance cooperation
  • Develop an effective supply chain approach

15:05 – 15:15 Sustainability in textiles and textile care globally. An introduction including contributions from:

  • Global Compact
  • Fashion industry
  • Textile suppliers
  • NGO’s

15:15 – 15:45 PTC the most sustainable solution: how it’s done!  By Dr. ir. H. Gooijer, Technical Manager of Textile Care Knowledge Institute (TKT)

  • Contributions: Esteemed International Suppliers
  • Research and outcomes: explanation of the bench marks based on scientific research
  • Potential extra savings and growth

15:45 – 16:15 Changing markets and new opportunities

  • Contributions: Esteemed textile services / textile cleaning companies (ex: Champion Cleaners – UAE, etc)
  • New generations; new demands: usage instead of ownership creating rental businesses and fashion libraries
  • Fast fashion becomes slow fashion: more intensive/longer usage of textiles/garments made possible by professional cleaning for less wear
  • Online convenience and sustainability: be serviced at your doorstep and green at the same time

16:15 – 16.45. Closing the loop: Circularity of textiles

  • Contributions: Centexbel & others
  • Reuse of textile articles/garments: extending lifetime of articles and fabrics
  • Recycling of fabrics: new fibres but no need for virgin raw materials

16:45 – 16:50.  International Sustainability Manifesto, by Peter Wennekes

  • CINET initiatives 2021-2022
  • Working groups to draw up a plan of action

16:50 – 17:00. Questions

17:00. Closure of CINET Live! Event