DLAI Conference

September 16th, 2022 - September 17th, 2022    New Delhi 

India is growing fast in terms of its economy and is expected to accelerate the progress in the coming years. There is a huge scope of expanding the number of professional laundries, textile & garment cleaning companies, establishing a big independent textile care industry in India. Professional laundry services in India are estimated to have grown to over $ 16 bn (2021). Meanwhile, there are associations in almost all major cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, Punjab, and Chennai, who are constantly working to improve professional cleaning practices. DLAI would like to take the opportunity to strengthen cooperation of all professional cleaning and laundry service associations under one umbrella. As such DLAI will address to the Indian Government to give prominence to the laundry industry in India for better regulated laundry and cleaning services and will represent India to national and international domains. This Grand Convention is a huge opportunity for India to excel in the industry and become an international partner in the world of Professional Textile Care (PTC), supported by CINET, the global umbrella association.