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New! Professional (After) Corona Management Training Course

May 15th, 2021 - July 31st, 2021    Amsterdam, NL 

Be part of the first (master)class of 2021 Professional Textile Care certified managers! A selected group of PTC professionals will embark to an unique academic and practical challenge which aims to strengthen their management skills for the Corona challenges, by offering new ideas, new perspectives and methods within full-modules online sessions of PTC management presented by Dr. Geert Böttger.

The first preview of the Management Training Courses (RTC & ITS) was presented by Mr. Geert Bottger during the GBPAP2020 Event, streamed live from Amsterdam (NL) on Nov 4-5 2020

Join the Retail Textile Cleaning Management Module! RTC: Developing A Sustainable Business in Retail Textile Care

This Online Management Course is Designed for Start Up and for Strategic Control of PTC Businesses

Practical info

  • Number of courses: 8
  • Start: Further info will be available. The course will take place on a (bi)weekly basis
  • Environment: online streaming
  • Exams: June 2021*
  • Language: English
  • Fee: Euro 900,-
  • CERTIFICATE PTC After Corona Management Course RTC

*) depending on Corona participation

Join the Industrial Textile Services Management Module! ITS: Developing A Sustainable Business in Industrial Textile Services

This Online Management Course Wants to Enable Participants to Build and Control Excellent Textile Service Businesses

Practical info

  • Number of courses: 10
  • Start: August 2021. Further info will be available. The course will take place on a (bi)weekly basis
  • Environment: online streaming
  • Exams: December 2021*
  • Languages: English
  • Fee: Euro 1100,-
  • CERTIFICATE PTC After Corona Management Course ITS

*) depending on Corona participation

Note: if you also want to join both modules, you can apply for a combined RTC + ITS offer of Euro 1500,- .


Register now!

If your company operates in the Retail Textile Cleaning segment and you are interested in generating new business and getting new customers during and after Corona while strengthening your managements skills, this Management Course is for you!

Register here (by filling-in the form below) and you will be contacted by the CINET Secretariat, with the practical info on the course and the invoice.

This course is offered to you by CINET’s World of PTC – Business School, a training initiative developed by CINET in cooperation with international suppliers, specifically designed for professional laundry and dry cleaning stakeholders. Through this initiative CINET aims to strengthen and stimulate the development of the PTC (Professional Textile Care) industry.

You will find easy accessible information on Retail Textile Cleaning and Industrial Textile Services on the following levels:

  • Starters (Level C): Basic level of education and knowledge for people who likes to start in the textile cleaning industry:
  • Operational Excellence (Level B): Advanced level for operators, employees for detail knowledge and skills of the textile cleaning process
  • Management (Level A): Excellent level for managers and employees on legislation, improvement methodologies, operational management, business modelling & cost structures and marketing

The product range of The World of PTC – Business School consists of E-learning & (on the job) Training courses, Practical Workshops & Webinars and a vast PTC online library & Book series. Select the courses that match your professional (both individual and company) needs and become a Master in PTC!

More info, on the e-learning courses in The World of PTC – Business School – here!

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YEP Program’s New Sessions In 2021

May 15th, 2021 - December 31st, 2021    Amsterdam, NL 

Are you ready to be part of this program that brings together the most innovative young PTC entrepreneurs across the world? The YEP (PTC Young Entrepreneurship Exchange) Program will continue in 2021 with new sessions. These are scheduled to take place in The Netherlands, Middle East, Germany, USA, Italy, in a physical form when possible, but anyhow online by streaming. YEP’s main goal it to exchange know-how and practical experience amongst young promising entrepreneurs aiming to develop new business cases in one of the defined new market areas.

Successful YEP sessions took place in 2019 and 2020

Join the YEP Program!

  • Who can join: young entrepreneurs in Retail Textile Cleaning and/or Industrial Textile Services
  • Sessions (hybrid – physical and live streaming). The dates will be communicated shortly
  • Structure per session
    • Duration: 1 day
    • Segments:
      • Pitch your initiative
      • PTC reputed experts sessions
      • Guidance, practical cases, assignments and coaching from PTC experts
  • Language: English
  • Fees per online session
    • Euro 145,- (exc VAT) for CINET Members
    • Euro 245,- (exc VAT) for non CINET Members


Register now!

Send us an email at CINET Secretariat ( and we will come back with the practical info on the sessions


About YEP Awards 2019-2020

In 2020, after the first sessions, the first YEP Awards were presented during The Global Best Practices Awards (Nov 4-5 last). The YEP trophies were granted to Blanc (UK) and WAUWcloset (The Netherlands).

Blanc was awarded for setting up a great omnichannel approach, that has resulted in impressive growth cleaning over 1 million pieces over the last years.  Also the product portfolio has been developed into a total solution for hygienic and cleaning solutions which is highly necessary in these difficult times. The founder, Mr. Ludovic Blanc presented his pitch during the YEP Awards segment of GBPAP2020

WAUWcloset was awarded for being an impressive business that develops a new value or finds a new customer group but this startup is pioneering to do both. The same time WAUWcloset offers a fashion rental concept for ‘power-women’ in a most creative way. The application was very detailed, containing clear details about the business model. Lastly, the start-up has shown strong stakeholder management, setting up impressive strategic partnerships. The owner, Mrs. Hanh Vlooswijk-Lu presented her pitch during the YEP Awards segment of GBPAP2020

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International Excellence Processing Online Training Courses, by Masashi Shimenoki

May 15th, 2021 - June 30th, 2021    Amsterdam, NL 

CINET presents a new and original Professional Textile Care course format aiming to strengthen their practical skills for the Retail Textile Cleaning professionals that want to integrate Best Practices in their operational activity. The full-module online session of PTC Excellence are presented by Mr. Masashi Shimenoki (Japan).

The course is aimed to managers, supervisors and professionals of Retail Textile Cleaning (drycleaning and wetcleaning) companies


Courses’ content.  (6 courses // 90 minutes per course):

  • #1 Natural fibers
  • #2 Man made fibers
  • #3 Finishing
  • #4 Wearing Care
  • #5 Storing Care
  • #6 Cleaning & Care Labelling


Practical Info:

  • Start: April 2021. Further info will be available. The course will take place on a (bi)weekly basis
  • Environment: online streaming
  • Exams: June 2021*
  • Language: English
  • Fee for full module = Euro 325,-
    • For 1st course registration: Euro 100,-
    • 2nd course registration: Euro 75,-
    • 3rd course registration: Euro 50,-
    • 4th course registration: Euro 40,-
    • 5th course registration: Euro 30,-
    • 6th course registration: Euro 30,-
  • Special discounts
    • For 2nd participant – 10% discount
    • For the 5th participant – 25% discount
    • CINET Members – 15% discount
  • Bonus: 3 months access to WOPCOM International database
  • Excellence Certificate RTC

*) depending on Corona participation

Interested? Please contact CINET Secretariat by email ( or by phone (+31344650430)


Register Now!

For registration, please fill-in the form below:


About Mr. Masashi Shimenoki

Mr. Shimenoki has been active as a PR planner for major companies and public institutions since 1980. In 1984, paying attention to the consumer trouble of dry cleaning, which had become a social problem, with the aim of disseminating the knowledge about new textile materials and fashion processing to consumers and the dry cleaning industry, he launched a tabloid newspaper called “The After”. Ca. 500,000 copies of this monthly tabloid were distributed from ca. 10,000 dry cleaners all over Japan.

Through this experience, Mr. Shimenoki felt the value of high fashion and the importance of maintaining and restoring it. Later this came up with the idea of Professional Textile Care.  Modern apparel fashion products always use new chemical materials and avant-garde processing expressions. However, the absence of an industry aimed at cleaning and care technologies that take into account the characteristics of these clothing products will only promote waste of resources. Professional textile care is a new industry that seeks to integrate knowledge and technology to support consumers in a sustainable manner so that they can continue to attach high-value and high-quality clothing products.


Book: “Knowledge of Textile Care”

Recently, Mr. Shimenoki wrote the book: “Knowledge of Textile Care”, dedicated to explaining to customers the value and to increase the awareness of the experience of Professional Textile Care. This easy to read book illustrates the value and experiences consumers perceive what professional textile cleaning is performing according to International Standards of Best Practices.


Lifetime award in 2020

The GBPAP2020 Lifetime Award was granted to Mr. Masashi Shimenoki. This prestigious trophy is awarding his outstanding carreer and a remarkable contribution for the Japanese and global Professional Textile Care industry.

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CINET LIVE! – Global (Streaming) PTC Specials on: Sustainability, Hygiene & Digitization

June 02nd, 2021 - July 08th, 2021    Amsterdam, NL 

Continuously driven as the PTC’s global umbrella organization, CINET is amplifying the initiatives in creating international open-platforms for sharing knowledge and experience during the coronavirus crisis.


Three topics, Five Global Online Streaming Events

Following the outstanding success of The Global Best Practices Awards Program 2020 (Nov 4-5), CINET aims to organize global (virtual) PTC events supported by numerous reputed experts, national associations, international suppliers and other organizations to underline challenges & opportunities of sustainability, hygiene, digitization & innovation in profiling the Professional Textile Care industry. New ideas, new business models and new market opportunities for the after-Corona perspectives of PTC industry will be presented in these events. 

  • CINET LIVE! Hygiene as a driver in Corona times! (RTC: June 2 at 15:00 CET // ITS: June 3 at 15:00 CET )
  • CINET LIVE! Sustainability First! (RTC + ITS: June 17 at 15:00 CET)
  • CINET LIVE! Digitization & Innovation generate growth! (RTC: July 7 at 15:00 CET // ITS: July 8 at 15:00 CET )



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Clean Business Forum Japan

September 15th, 2021 - September 16th, 2021    Osaka, Japan 

Several suppliers from areas such as: equipment manufacturing, materials, store design, security, ITC, vendor Clean businesses will attend the show that will take place on September 15th and 16th 2021 at Intex Hall 3 in Osaka, Japan. It is the 5th edition of the show.




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CLEANNEXT Moscow (Russia)

September 15th, 2021 - September 17th, 2021    Moscow, Russia 

Cleannext is the new exhibition that unites professionals from the cleaning business in Russia, CIS, Europe and Asia. The show will include cleaning as well as professional laundry applications and will take place at IEC “Expocentre”, Moscow (Russia), from 15th to 17th September, 2021

The participants of Cleannext will present innovations and modern equipment, cleaning chemicals, sanitary solutions and textile care.

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Texcare Asia And China Laundry Expo

September 27th, 2021 - September 29th, 2021    Shanghai, China 

Texcare Asia and China Laundry Expo will be held from 27 – 29 September 2021 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. TXCA & CLE is an annual event organised by the China Laundry Association and the China Light Industry Machinery Association, as well  as Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd and Unifair Exhibition Service Co Ltd.

The 2020 edition of Texcare Asia and China Laundry Expo 2020 was held from 14–16th October at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The three-day fair presented the latest technologies and products from the textile care industry and gathered a total of 14,413 visitors and 122 exhibitors, supporting market recovery and boosting market confidence through its platform despite the uncertainties that the industry has faced. To deliver its exhibition content to a wider audience, for the first time, TXCA & CLE implemented an “online + offline” experience. The two-day livestream attracted 8,297 views.

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Gulf Laundrex

September 28th, 2021 - September 30th, 2021    Dubai, UAE 

In 2021 Gulf Laundrex presented by Texcare will return in an exhibition format, connecting the laundry and dry cleaning industry with global manufacturers and suppliers. The trade platform will feature a broader range of industry-leading laundry products, equipment, technologies and services, across the entire textile care chain.

After the success of the dedicated laundry conference in 2019, this will return in the next edition. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the 2021 conference programme.

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Texcare International

November 27th, 2021 - December 01st, 2021    Messe Frankfurt, Germany 

The world’s leading trade fair for innovative textile care

The international laundry and dry cleaning industry will be meeting in Frankfurt am Main from 27 November to 1 December 2021. Industry professionals from all over the world will gather to find out and discuss about the latest trends and innovations.
At Texcare International, you can find out exactly how to meet the challenges of the future and optimise the market opportunities for your company through:
  • innovative technology
  • methods for saving resources
  • efficient services
  • tailor-made concepts

More details on Texcare International can be found on their website.

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CleanEx 2022

April 24th, 2022 - April 25th, 2022    UK 

CleanEx 2022 will take place on April 24th and 25th, 2022, in UK.

This is the only PTC trade show in the United Kingdom  organized once every two years to discover all the latest products,  equipment and technology to help you to run a clean, efficient and hygienic laundry and / or dry cleaning facility. This is the 4th biennial event organized in UK, dedicated to laundry, dry cleaning and textile care.