Exciting Announcement: GreenEarth Support For CINET Initiatives In The Indian Market

CINET and GreenEarth Cleaning network of Affliated companies around the world joins hands to focus on the importance of best practices in professional textile care. CINET members over the past 35 years have successfully demonstrated their leadership in the professional textile care industry and through their joint efforts have advanced the textile  care experience for consumers in their markets. 

GreenEarth Cleaning was founded on the belief that this industry has an opportunity to benefit global consumers through a commitment to ensuring that textile care can be effective and economical through the use of an environmentally non-toxic cleaning medium. CINET as an umbrella association aims to take part in this ‘’green revolution’’ by operating for the benefit of future generations.

The Indian textile care market has shown a significant advancement and progression on several fronts in recent years and we believe it has a huge potential to grow even further. GreenEarth Cleaning and CINET in this regard will take the opportunity to assist in the expansion of sustainable textile care as we work together under one umbrella to address the evolving requirements of our service offering to the needs of consumers across the world.