EXPOdetergo International Milan October 21-24th 2022 – CINET Global Best Practices Awards October 20-21st 2022

The proposal of EXPOdetergo International 2022 will once again make it possible to evaluate, in a single context, the entire offer available on the market today at a global level in terms of technologies, products and services for textile maintenance: dry and water-based washing machines; ironing machines; professional detergents; management systems and 4.0 solutions; complete and automated lines, up to textile proposals (bedding and table linen), with fine fabrics and linens for rental.
Focused as always exclusively on new and highly innovative products, the result of investments in research and development in recent years, EXPOdetergo International confirms its vocation: to give space to excellence with a proposal dedicated to the best there is in the world for cleaning, sanitizing and treatment of tissues. A showcase that, as always, will also allow you to see numerous machines at work.