Fashion trade in Germany … return to the pre-crisis level in 2022 not likely

According to the German Textile Trade Association (BTE), stationary fashion retail in Germany is not going to meet pre-pandemic sales figures.

In an interview with German trade magazine “Textilwirtschaft”, BTE President and fashion house owner Steffen Jost told that the fashion market ended the first half of 2022 with a minus of approximately 10 percent to 12 percent compared to 2019 and that he does not anticipate that the minus can be compensated in the second half of the year. At the moment, the fashion trade is confronted with various problems – such as high inflation, the lack of staff and bottlenecks in the supply chains. Furthermore, there is the chance that consumers’ spending budgets are going down due to current uncertain times and then, fashion will suffer rapidly.

On the other hand, people have more savings than ever before and the employment situation is stable. A situation that gives hope. Jost – who runs five fashion houses himself – recommends that the shops should delay discount campaigns.  The BTE President states that although shops started with  reductions much earlier, there seems to be no reason for doing it now. “The weather is fine, the warehouse is clean, so why lower the prices?”