GBPAP22: How to Increase the Business in PTC! Coming Next Week: the Official Brochure

Following the successful editions in 2016, 2018 and 2020, the Program will continue in 2021 and 2022 in all cases by physical organization and also by streaming, with the support of co-hosts (National Associations), GBPAP22 Partners (International Suppliers) and Event Organizations in:

  • Texcare International (Frankfurt, Germany): 28 Nov 2021: Launch GBPAP22 Program and Introduction of International Sustainability Manifest Action Program 2021-2022
  •  Clean Show (Atlanta, USA): 30 Jul-01 Aug. 2022: Presentation of Innovative Sustainable Projects
  •  ExpoDetergo (Milan, Italy): 21-24 Oct. 2022. GBPAP22 Final. PTC Awards in 3 categories and Presentation of the “International Sustainability Charter”

The Global Best Practices Awards (GBPAP) 2022 – how to increase the business.

The Global Best Practices Awards 2022 will showcase extraordinary professional laundry & dry cleaning showcases around the world. Participants will be promoting key issues of Professional Textile Care, with special attention to new business models and new market opportunities after Corona, focusing on SUSTAINABILITY, HYGIENE, DIGITIZATION and INNOVATION.

More info will be presented in the Official Global Awards Brochure, that will be released next week. Stay tuned!