Girbau introduces GENIUS: A new range of intelligent, sustainable washing machines

The new GENIUS washing machine series represents a revolution in the professional laundry sector. The series incorporates all the technology developed by Girbau as well as Girbau’s years of experience, producing some of the most innovative, cutting-edge washing machines on the market.

Girbau, a leader in integrated professional laundry solutions, has debuted its new range of intelligent, sustainable washing machines, GENIUS, which represents a revolution in the professional laundry sector. The new line of GENIUS washing machines leverages more than 60 years of experience and innovating new technologies, offering the most advanced technological innovations to provide solutions that meet the needs of every customer.

More control and connectivity

As pioneers in the application of intelligent systems, the new range of washing machines offers the most advanced connectivity and intelligence in all equipment with no need for additional devices. All the washing machines are equipped with BLE and Wi-Fi as well as a touch panel so they can be operated, adjusted and updated using Sapphire, the technological platform developed by Girbau.

More power and greater efficiency with fewer resources

In terms of the environment, the GENIUS series goes the extra mile to offer significant energy savings. According to Girbau’s own calculations, the range’s high spin speed (450 G) – higher than previous product ranges and those of other manufacturers – reduces drying time by 10% and power consumption by 30%.

Significant water savings are also achieved through improved drum surface, a modular weighing system and precise control of water and chemicals, which ensures optimal care of your garments, prolongs their life and increases the effectiveness of washing in combatting pathogens.

Ease of use and performance

The new generation of machines features the largest touchscreen on the market, 10.1″, as well as the best interface. The touchscreen is designed for industrial environments. It’s shockproof and scratch-proof, suitable for use with gloves and in humid environments, and very user friendly. Another important feature is the 360 Vision concept, an LED indicator in the corner of each machine that allows the machine’s status to be seen from anywhere in the laundry. This helps to increase productivity by preventing interruptions and downtime between washes.