Global business leaders call for action to save the world!

Global business leaders call for action to save the world!

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is a global, CEO-led organization of over 200 leading companies. The organisation was established in 1995 as a platform for business to respond to sustainability challenges that were just beginning to break the surface of collective business consciousness.

The 12 priority actions of the WBCSD manifesto represent a collective view of the most important actions that business leaders and policy makers should prioritize now to halt damaging global heating and begin the process of climate recovery. The actions are structured around a framework to reduce emissions from the largest carbon pools, remove emissions especially from the heavy-emitting industries and report emissions especially in supply chains, but also to investors and stakeholders.

The Priority Actions in overview:

  1. Mainstream Methane Reduction
  2. Make Coal History
  3. Power-up Green Global Grids
  4. Deploy Decarbonized Hydrogen
  5. Catalyse Coordination for Net-Zero Transport
  6. Cut Emissions in the Built Environment
  7. Capture and Remove the Carbon
  8. Fast-track Natural Climate Solutions
  9. Invest in Nature-Positive Land Use
  10. Curb Supply-Chain Emissions
  11. Focus on True Value Creation
  12. Account for Business Action.

The last-mentioned is considered to be vital in creating business action that is highlighted and turbocharged.