Hygiene at the heart of workshops!

In the past year, CINET has been able to develop many activities despite corona. Also E-learning makes it possible to follow courses 24/7 anyway. But various successful workshops and masterclasses were also organised. Notable was that of Mr. Shimenoki, Japanese expert in textile cleaning, on all facets of high-quality textile care. These Masterclasses will be organized again in 2022! 

Hygiene; a must!

Hygiene is by definition important, certainly within the sector where the prevention of contamination risk is of great importance. An importance that has become even greater due to corona. Not only at work, but also at home and on the street. We must comply with the basic rules everywhere and extra measures must be taken if keeping 1.5 meters away is impossible. But hygiene is also becoming an increasingly important topic due to other developments. Think of the rental of clothes. Or the sale and reuse of second-hand clothing.

CINET is therefore organizing workshops in 2022 in which hygiene is central in collaboration with experts. Topics are: Hygiene in the workplace and the Industry Corona Protocol in relation to textiles and hygiene and quality assurance.

Please check news and mailings about this the coming month!