Introduction of App to read care labels accurately

Not everyone can read care labels properly. End users tend to get confused by them, because they often are not very clear. GINETEX – the International Association for Textile Care Labelling – has recently developed an app that might help named ‘My care label’.

Textiles that are well cared for, last longer and are more sustainable. Care labels play an important role here. No doubt, experienced textile cleaners are able to read and select the small symbols. However, new workers still need to learn their meanings. Thomas Lange – Chairman of GINETEX GERMANY and General Manager of GermanFashion – explains that although everyone may know the washing tub and the hanger symbol, there is still a need for more explanation on the bleaching and drying symbols. As survey outcomes have regularly indicated.

The new app should not only help to adequately and sustainably care for laundry in general, it also provides tips for cleaning and caring for textiles. In addition, it provides instructions for stain removal. Moreover, users can save care instructions in “their closet”, if they no longer have laundry labels at hand. The app is multilingual and available for free in the App Store and Google Play.