Investing in washing technology … an investment in the future!

Whether you think of a  large international group or a next door family business… laundries are hygiene professionals.  And the smaller companies in particular make major contributions to sustainability and professionalism. The more laundry is being washed in professional laundries, the better it is for present and future generations.

Laundries continuously optimize their processes in textile care, water consumption, energy efficiency, use of chemicals and waste water pollution. In that respect, washing technology firms such as Kannegiesser, help smaller companies to realize substantial savings. For instance, with the Favorit Vario and the Futura, the company has two washer-extractor series for the manually operated washhouse. Both will realize washing quality, process optimization, resource saving and process documentation. Should the quantity of laundry increase, the PowerTrans Vario JET could be the ideal entry-level system for batch washing technology. It is stated to stimulate new potential for the laundry in terms of automation, logistics and resource savings.

The washing technology firm advises its customers to always consider the total costs over the entire lifetime of the machine. Less heating energy, lower water and waste water costs, higher reliability and availability, longer textile service life and output reserves not only please the launderer, but also the investor and financial manager of the laundry.