Invitation CINET Live Event 21/22: Sustainable & Circular PTC Business 21/22 December 2nd 2021, via Zoom

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Dear CINET Members & Friends,

It has been some time ago that we shared our views and experiences in the professional textile care market (PTC). In the beginning of this year it seemed we were heading for an after Corona area and economic recovery. However, Corona is again very much disrupting the business. Also without lockdowns, turnover is hampering and cost are increasing exceptionally fast. On top of that, Corona is changing customer demand structurally and requiring PTC companies to adapt their business & services models at short notice. Clear decisions and choices are to be made by each PTC entrepreneur. Only professional entrepreneurs will survive.

CINET Live Event December 2nd 2021 Program

  • 15.00 hrs CET
    CINET General Assembly 2021 (only for members)
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  • 15.45 hrs CET
  • 16.00 hrs CET

Global PTC Best Practices Awards Program 2022

After an extremely succesful Global PTC Best Practices Event 2020, streamed to 26.000 followers worldwide in November 2020, CINET is preparing the next edition, to be organised during Expo Detergo October 21-24, 2022 in Milan Italy.


Registration for participation in this prestigious event is now open to professional textile care companies from all over the world. Participants can register in 3 categories; Retail Textile Cleaners SME and Big, as well as Textile Services. An international independent professional jury will select the best applications according to a transparent procedure for the Sustainability Award, the New Business Award and the Overall Best Practices Award for each category. The selected 50 best applications will be invited to come to Milan, Italy to deliver a 3 minutes PITCH presentation. Optional is a pitch via a Zoom connection. These presentations will be evaluated by a 20 person International Jury to select the winners.  The criteria will focus on new business models, sustainability & circularity and professional entrepreneurship. The program is sponsored by esteemed international suppliers.


You can find all data on the CINET website, as well in a comprehensive brochure on request. Registrations are wellcome untill August 1st 2022 by a signed application form, including motivation, pictures and relevant company info. For further information and/or submitting a reply form, please send an email to the CINET secretariat:

Sustainable & Circular Businesses 21/22

In spite of difficult market circumstances some PTC companies seem not to have been in great difficulty. On the contrary, they have invested in new technologies and/or market development and/or new sustainable services. They upgraded processing , focussed on new client demands and improved their performance to the higher level of customer satisfaction.

PTC experts around the world and Leading PTC companies will explain by pitches their policies, following market trends and changes.

To participate in this CINET Live Event please send an email to the CINET secretariat:


  • 16.00 hrs CET. “Introduction” by moderator Peter Wennekes, CEO of CINET
  • 16.03 hrs ”COVID & Hygienical Clean PTC services” by Simon Hemmes, Chairman of the International Hygiene Committee
  • 16.05 hrs “Challences of US Professional Textile Cleaners” by Diana Vollmer of Ascend Consulting Group
  • 16.10 hrs ”Germany; Hospitality in despair” by Geert Boettger, Expo + Consulting
  • 16.15 hrs ”Russia PTC trends and market perspective” by Leonid Bertsev, CEO of Russia Drycleaners & Laundries Association
  • 16.20 hrs ”Chinese PTC Business Development 2020 -2022” by Zhu Lijun, CEO of Fornet
  • 16.25 hrs ”India PTC; Most promising Market Opportunities” by Anup Poddar, BeePee Enterprises pvt. ltd.
  • 16.30 hrs “Human resources Most Effect Business tool” by Tristan van der Waart, CEO of Lavans Industrial Laundry NL
  • 16.35 hrs “Wash & Fold; a viable PTC market opportunity” by Leon Wennekes, CEO of TextileCare Research NL
  • 16.40 hrs “Sustainable & Circular PTC Partnerships” by Maurits Tiethof CEO of Dobbi NL
  • 16.45 hrs ”PTC market challences and Innovations” by Christeyns
  • 16.50 hrs ” Hygienically Clean PTC” by TKT
  • 17.00 hrs ”Technical PTC Innovations & Sustainability by Dr. Ir. Henk Gooijer of TKT
  • 17.15 hrs ”Global Best Practices Awards Program 2022 by Peter Wennekes, CEO of CINET
  • 17.30 hrs Questions and Discussion
  • 17.45 hrs Closure & End of Meeting