Mr. Thomas Zeck

Kreussler: Sustainability and Circularity for new opportunities

“Globally the challenges are more or less the same. Of course markets differ. The US is different from the EU. However, all over the world the trends are away from solvent cleaning and more to water/wet cleaning” Mr. Zeck from Kreussler feels the current trends are clear. “But having said that we will still need solvents for specific treatments/materials. Of course, the solvents should be as sustainable as possible, too – like our SOLVONK4, which is halogen-free, organic and biodegradable.”

Zeck: “The US is a difficult, but very attractive market. The timing to be able to communicate with all partners is perfect. A platform like CLEAN is really needed and it is a good strategy to organize these type of events” he states. “In the US sustainability is not so much adopted yet. But that will come, because the opportunities in sustainability and circularity are immense. Second hand clothing needs professional textile care. To extend the lifetime of garments and to increase their usage is a promising future. The industry can and should take their responsibility regarding these challenges.”

Photo: Mr. Thomas Zeck