LaundroLab expands by deal with McDonald’s franchisee

An operator of seven McDonald’s franchises in Miami – Clint Gulley – recently signed a five-store agreement with LaundroLab. It is his wish to introduce the laundromat franchise to his home city.

Together with his father, he owns 11 separate McDonald’s locations and he also worked in hotel and restaurant management. The flexibility of the laundromat business model generated Gulley’s interest for investing in the LaundroLab stores. Gulley stated that his decision to join LaundroLab was a matter of being in a business that is essential, one that can withstand a pandemic and be profitable. In his opinion the brand has a manageable business model and his interaction with the corporate team also made a good impression. According to Alex Smereczniak, co-founder and CEO of LaundroLab, the company believes that there is a market for the brand almost everywhere. As for Miami, Gulley explained that the city has a strong forecast of household income, population density and percentage of rented households.

Although Gulley’s initial agreement is for five laundry locations, he sees an even greater need for the LaundroLab service throughout South Florida and believes the brand can develop itself for years to come.