LG Clothing Drive to promote Fashion ‘Second Life’

Earlier this month LG Electronics USA has started its “Second Life” campaign. A road-tour along four cities along the US East Coast has been organised during which unwanted clothing will be collected for recycling and visitors are encouraged to reduce their fashion footprint. The tour started in New York City. 

The company aims to collect more than 5,000 pounds of unwanted textiles to be cleaned in their washers and dryers before giving them a “second life”. The clothing will be donated to community organizations and responsible recycling initiatives. The action is part of the firm’s continuous effort to raise awareness around clothing waste and inspire people to take action through fabric care, donations and upcycling.

Gail Conroy – the company’s senior director of marketing – states that the motive for the tour is  based on a devotion to increase public awareness to care for one’s clothes throughout their life cycle. From how to wash them to ultimately dispose of them. The tour is to end in Tennessee—home to the company’s washing machine factory.