New solution to prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria

Switzerland-based Sanitized AG has added a new product to its portfolio of antimicrobial solutions – Sanitized Puretec. This non-leaching, metal-free and particle-free antimicrobial solution for textiles prevents the formation of odour-causing bacteria. It is stated to have long-lasting effects without the release of the active element. Thus it seems to be a safe and sustainable solution, even after many washes.

The Swiss company states to have improved the durability and effectiveness of Puretec. Its technology has shown excellent performance on all fibre types, especially synthetic fibres such as polyesters. Consequently, the new product offers a unique solution for brands and retailers producing synthetic sportswear. It allows consumers to wear products for longer periods of time before having to wash them again.

Preventing bacterial growth not only reduces odour formation, but at the same time it protects the textile from bacteria-induced deterioration and discoloration, all of which can diminish the durability of the product. As demonstrated in various microbiological tests, the new solution seems to guarantee optimal odour control performance even with continuous washing and wearing.

Puretec odour control solutions have been tested through 40 washes using ASTM E3162-18, the industry standard wash durability method approved by the International Antimicrobial Council (IAC).