NEW! The World’s First 100% Hydrogen Combustion Continuous Flow Water Heater

The Rinnai Corporation – headquartered in Japan – has started to supply the world’s first 100% hydrogen combustion for continuous flow hot water heaters. The company stated to have spent many years developing gas appliances and accumulated exceptional combustion and fluid control technologies in the process. Consequently, by using these technologies, “a supremely efficient-functioning continuous flow hot water system fuelled by 100% hydrogen” has been developed, according the company. 

In November last year the company introduced its ‘Rinnai Innovation Manifesto 2050’ – describing its commitment to global carbon neutrality. Major international economies are designing measures that focus on introducing clean and domestically sustainable sources of energy, such as renewables and hydrogen into separate energy mixes before or around 2050.  According to the company, the adoption of global infrastructural modifications is essential for hydrogen-burning water heaters to achieve a valid global decarbonising technology.

The company also stated its intention to develop further plans on researching and developing next generation decarbonising technology and that they feel great determination to introduce combustion technology that encourages a greater sense of customer convenience and clean air quality.