New Zealand-based environmentally-friendly laundry successfully uses ozone technology

Apart from keeping us safe from dangerous levels of ultraviolet rays by its stratospheric presence, ozone is widely used in industrial and pharmaceutical processes thanks to its many unique properties including powerful bleaching and antibacterial action.

Tendercare Laundry in the New Zealand town of Rotorua claims to have dramatically reduced its energy usage by using ozone. It enables the washing process to be executed with cold water, practically eliminating one of the major operational costs of a large-scale laundry operation.

Managing director Philippa Lewis says ozone cleaning first caught her attention in 2015. She subsequently installed the necessary equipment with the assistance of the country’s Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA) and laundry technology company ELS.

Two years after installing the generator, Lewis says ozone cleaning has met all expectations. Lewis states: “We use it in the commercial laundry division of our business, still in conjunction with laundry detergents, but it allows us to launder almost exclusively – over 90 per cent – in cold water. We are not only very pleased with the results, but also with the benefits of this innovative ozone system which are both environmental and financial.”