Our Star Of The Week: Christeyns Our Proud Partner For The Global Best Practices Awards 2022

Christeyns was founded by Mr. Jules Roberts Christeyns in 1946 in Ghent, Belgium. He opened a small soap factory in Ghent and started producing soap and detergents for laundry businesses in his back yard. Soap was mainly used for washing and cleaning at that time and Mr. Christeyns explored new products and markets stands for premium chemicals, reliable equipment and flexible, customised service. Their portfolio includes hygiene solutions for professional textile care, food processing & retail, the professional cleaning industry and the medical and life sciences sectors. They have grown from a family owned business into a big international player, rooted in our local communities to really understand your need and expectations.

We took this opportunity to speak to Mr. Charlie Betteridge from Christeyns and he shed light into some of their ideals behind supporting Professional Textile Care Industry:

Q: How do you see the PTC Market after Corona Worldwide?

A: The market has certainly changed, partly through changes that were forced upon it and partly through changes it has made itself in response to the pandemic. Obviously the Hospitality sector was the one most hit with a sudden and almost complete drop in tonnages washed. Some of this business is coming back in 2022 as tourism returns but even now there is massive disruption due to labour shortages, which as a knock-on bring uncertainty in predicting volumes for the summer. Business travel has probably changed for ever and there will be a lot less internal meetings, which will affect inner city volumes. One thing everyone has learnt is the need to be more flexible. Whether or not increased hygiene levels will continue to be an important criteria long term remains to be seen but hygienically clean linen is now something that the end user will expect. Another positive is that as a result of the problems guaranteeing supply of linen during Covid, some hotel groups have now finally become aware that it is more important to have a reliable laundry partner than just taking the cheapest offer. We also see that customers are more concerned about climate change and increasingly understand the need to reduce the laundry’s carbon footprint by moving towards more sustainable processing. 

Q: What innovations were developed in the last 2 years for the PTC companies?

A: Digitalisation and the need to use data to run plants efficiently has become a very necessary part of the business as finances have become stretched due to supply chain issues and businesses in some areas have to work at optimum efficiency to survive. Sustainability is also finally becoming an important factor with the larger companies needing to provide proof of environmental social governance within their operations. As an industry, we were already quite green but ongoing innovations, backed by high energy prices, have accelerated the development of new water and energy saving equipment and washing processes. 

Q: How do you feel you can support the PTC industry?

A: We have always seen ourselves more as a partner than just a supplier and continue to work closely with our customers to optimise their washing processes in terms of time as well as water, energy and chemical consumption.

Q: How do you see the GBPAP 2022 initiative can contribute to new business models for PTC companies?

A: It is always good to look around to see how others are pushing state-of-the-art to a new level. Other geographies are perhaps further ahead in certain areas and we saw last time around how quickly best practice is evolving

Q: How can GBPAP 2022 Partners inspire more companies to participate and optimise their performance towards their clients?

A: Hopefully by publicising these events, especially on social media, more individuals and companies will become aware of the GBPAP initiatives and increase the global audience. GBPAP also allows people to see that sustainability is no longer just an alternative way of doing good business, it is the only way forward.  

Q:What can we do together to profile the performance of the PTC industry?

A: Communicate! Our industry is still a well-kept secret and the more we can do to increase public awareness of what we do, how much we contribute to the economy and indeed how things would grind to a standstill within days without us, the better our profile will be.


Details on Christeyns: Company Profile

Brand(s) : Cool Chemistry, Sanoxy, Mulan, Bisoft, Cole&Wilson, PureSan, Caretex, Green’R (cross-selling) and Phago (cross-selling)

Product lines : B2B Hygiene products for Industrial Laundry, Wet cleaning, Dry cleaning, Food processing, Food retail, Automatic & manual dishwashing, floor cleaning, interior & sanitary cleaning, glass&window cleaning, medical care,  pharma&cosmetics

Philosophy : At Christeyns, we are a family of experts with a passion and deep commitment to continuously improve our customer’s operations

Employees : 1157 employees of which 493 sales&services staff and 77 R&D experts

Countries : 46 subsidiaries serving > 50 countries