Rinnai UK presents free site audit of hot water system energy costs

Rinnai has recently started to offer free audits of total energy costs regarding hot water systems on all sites. The audits are aimed at maximising hot water delivery efficiencies, thus enabling considerable savings on end-user fuel costs.

Maximising efficiencies on site could result in fuel cost savings of up to 30% on current energy prices. An audit measures all data from individual and multiple sites concerning hot water use in order to present a full and detailed report. Total capital expenditure and carbon savings are also included.  Tony Gittings – the  company’s managing director – states that it is the company’s answer to increasing costs that all commercial sites and homes are currently facing.

The company recently also announced their innovative Hydrogen hot water heating technology. Current product ranges – both domestic and commercial – are ‘hydrogen blends ready’. This means that units will accept the proposed 20% hydrogen/natural gas blend. The company is one of the first manufacturers to display the I2HY20 gas category certificate for all its products. Apart from that, it has announced help in reducing the carbon footprints of all sites and applications with the introduction of their Carbon Cost Comparison Form. This form is available free of charge on the company’s website: https://www.rinnai-uk.co.uk/contact-us/carbon-cost-comparison-form