SAFECHEM Partners For The Must Awaited Global Best Practices Awards 2022

SAFECHEM is an experienced provider of solutions for the safe and sustainable use of solvents for industrial parts cleaning, textile cleaning and asphalt testing applications. With offices in Dusseldorf (Germany) and Shanghai (China) and a network of distributors, they serve over 5,000 customers worldwide.

Safechem promotes with SENSENE sustainable and innovative business models in Professional Textile Care industry. In conversation with Sophie Demicoli, Market Development Manager at SAFECHEM, we unwinded their company ideals and contribution towards a greener environment.

How do you see the PTC Market after Corona Worldwide?

There are always opportunities emerging from a crisis. Of course, the pandemic has led to the exit of some smaller players. However, the general market situation has not been as gloomy as once predicted as many good family businesses managed to persevere, in many cases also thanks to government support and funding. Professional textile cleaners who developed and drove a future oriented concept (both in terms of technology and customer focus) are the winners of the crisis and will grow stronger still.

The topic of hygiene has become more important these days, and so is sustainability. As consumers and businesses now have higher environmental awareness, there are opportunities for professional textile cleaners with sustainable business practices to position themselves favourably within this context.

What innovations were developed in the last 2 years for the PTC companies?

We are seeing increased efforts in the market in digitalizing communications with customers to provide a more seamless and convenient service, and traceable communications (e.g. ordering via app, home deliveries etc). Digitalisation is also being exploited by larger cleaning businesses to improve processes as well as trackability of items and their status.

Another aspect is sustainability. Businesses are looking to enhance their green profile through the sustainable use of chemicals or improved processing steps for optimized resource usage. In line with these efforts machine manufacturers have also been developing more energy-efficient equipment.

How do you feel you can support the PTC industry?

We offer innovative products and services to ensure a responsible way of drycleaning.

We have for example introduced SENSENE™, a solvent formulated with modified alcohols, to help drycleaners work more efficiently while achieving good cleaning quality and a high sustainability standard.

In addition, we supply DOWPER™* Pure Power (premium perchloroethylene) in the closed-loop SAFE-TAINER™ System to ensure safe transportation, storage and handling of the solvent. This state-of-the-art solution readily addresses potential health and safety issues related to the solvent throughout its lifecycle.

Of course, we also support the PTC industry via ongoing investment in our Research & Development, as well as technical services, to increase service levels and responsiveness to customers.

Last but not least, we are committed to developing a drycleaner community on our Facebook channel so that customers can share their positive experiences and exchange insights with one another.

How do you see the GBPAP 2022 initiative can contribute to new business models for PTC companies?

The GBPAP 2022 initiative provides a great platform for PTC companies to exchange and stimulate ideas. Through this initiative, we get to see so many innovative examples of how businesses across the world reinvent themselves and provide better services to their customers. This is incredibly inspiring and encouraging.

How can GBPAP 2022 Partners inspire more companies to participate and optimise their performance towards their clients?

Increasing awareness of the initiative will be key. This means more focused efforts in marcomm activities, may these be social media, email campaigns, customer events or customer visits. Of course, we can all play an active role in helping identify innovative businesses among our own customer base and encourage their participation.

What can we do together to profile the performance of the PTC industry?

Education and communication! There are many visionary and environmentally conscious individuals and enterprises who are setting new standards for PTC in different areas such as digitalisation, sustainability and customer services.

As an industry, we have to do good and talk about it! Best practices need to be communicated so that the public understands the value of the PTC industry and its innovative spirit.

Since PTC is a very regional market, we also believe that the development of local/regional programmes & initiatives should be reinforced to raise its profile.