Strategies for attracting, motivating and retaining employees in laundries and drycleaners.

As in most industries, the laundry, textile cleaning and textile service industry is not only strugling to find qualified employees, but also trying to find way to hold on to them. Current and prospective employees expect more from an employer than punctual payment every month. Nowadays, if you want to find and keep good staff … you need a strategy.

Caring, sustainable thinking employers have the best chances to retain employees longer and emotionally committed in their company. They ensure that a job is adapted to their employees’ ages and needs. In that respect they offer jobs for working mothers or employees that have relatives to care for. Or their company develops career opportunities for older personnel. As to younger generations, these groups value a balanced relationship between private life, work and professional and personal development.

In general, what attractive employers do is providing opportunities such as interesting work, promotion, money, suitable working hours, status symbols etc. The need for praise, recognition and appreciation – which lies within each and every person – could also play a vital role. An appropriate compliment made at an accomplishment worth making it, stimulates learning, motivation and has a bonding effect. In short, motivating and stimulating your staff, will prevent them from looking elsewhere.