Substantial Growth Expectations for India’s Laundry Market By 2025

The PTC market in India includes both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) categories. At present, B2C contributes to a major share of 88% of the market.

The B2C market includes laundry activities such as washing and ironing clothes at household level or with the help of a laundry service provider (unorganized or organized). On the other hand, the B2B market includes laundry activities like washing and ironing bed sheets, towels, among others, done by businesses from hospitality and healthcare industries either inhouse or by outsourcing it to laundry service providers.

More than 10% of the B2C and B2B laundry services are delivered by online players. This percentage is expected to grow upto a $150 million market by 2025. At the moment, online laundry has only a few serious players. Although more than 100 startups have come up in this field in the last five years, only 20 startups are currently seed-funded. Reseach shows that three important factors will drive the growth of online laundry penetration in the near future. First of all, an increasing number of online transacting users. Secondly consistent growth in investments in the space, and finally customer mindspace for a laundry brand. However, as seen after Covid, there is a significant adoption of online services. This could favour the overall growth of online services, including laundry services.