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FTN PTC Roadmap 2030 update 2016/2017!

Nobody has a crystal ball. Changes supersede each other rapidly. This is bringing the concept of ‘strategic planning’ nearer in time. In most cases looking 2-3 years ahead is the standard and scenarios are defined and evaluated in a wider spectrum.

It has been a challenge to correctly design a PTC roadmap from 2010 to 2030, this re-evaluation of the document offers the most recent insights on the direction of the laundry and dry cleaning industry.

The past 6 years the speed of change has accelerated. Digitisation of society and the ‘platform era’ emerged from nothing at fast pace. Start-ups such as Airbnb, Über and Alibaba were inconsequential. Snapchat didn’t exist, WhatsApp was hardly used and Tesla’s weren’t seen on the road yet. Self-driving cars were a fantasy concept and ‘crowdfunding’ was an unknown term. Technology soars, drones… they did exist, but chances are you had never seen one!

In the Roadmap 2030 the vision on services and organisation within the professional textile care industry is formulated, focussing on the most important market segments: Healthcare, Trade & Industry, and Hospitality & Recreation.

Contact the CINET secretariat to attain your copy of the revisions to the Roadmap 2030.