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 Fornet adopts Cerclean International Certification

These days the esteemed Chinese Franchise company  Fornet and CINET signed an agreement to Introduce Cerclean International Certification in  1100 Fornet Shops over China. The agreement followed a period of preparation focussing on the Chinese market circumstances and legislation and the leading position of this fast growing franchise chain in the Chinese market, as well as the strategy Fornet adopted to provide services according to international standards and best practices.

Fornet has an impressive track record, the company started only 20 years ago and provide textilecleaning services now via 1300 shops troughout China. Fornet is known for their professional and modern branding and high quality of services. The company was rewarded in 2016 with the Overall Global Best Practices Award in Textilecleaning.

Adopting CERCLEAN International Certification strengthens the branding and professional services of Fornet Furthermore it  profiles the quality, safety and sustainability according to international standards. The Cerclean Certificate is based upon an E-Learning program and introduces a structured approach for upgrading the operational performance in effectivity and efficiency.

CINET is introducing CERCLEAN International Certification in countries all over the world. This dedicated Quality Management System for professional textile care is based on international standards and guidelines and can be implemented in a practical and efficient way. The certificates underline and demonstrate a high quality, safe and sustainable processing.


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Mrs. J. Lijun

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Mr. P.N.M. Wennekes