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Irish Laundrie app sets foot on European mainland

The Laundrie app was set up in October 2015 by Dubliner Evan Gray. The online laundry service has already proved successful in other markets abroad.

Laundrie’s business model involves partnerships with quality laundry professionals, and employs eight drivers an operations technical and a developer for the system itself.

The technology allows the user to book a driver from their address at a specific time and have their professionally dry cleaned garments delivered right back to the address of their choice within 48 hours. With prices similar to traditional laundry prices, the popularity of the app is growing in the Dublin area.

Now Laundrie is looking to scale-up the business to the European mainland, with Amsterdam and Brussels as next destinations in the coming months.

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Laundromap offers door-to-door laundry service in New Zealand

Laundromap is a new on-demand drycleaning and laundry pick-up and delivery service, run from a smartphone app using the UK’s Laundrapp technology.
Co-founder Torben Landl said New Zealanders valued their spare time highly, and with this app he helps them spend less time doing laundry.

Laundromap works with drycleaning firm Maxwell’s. It uses GPS technology to provide details of the pick-up, cleaning and delivery of each order, so customers can track the progress of their laundry through the city and sending a push notification when the driver arrives at the door.

The app is available on iOS and Android. At present the service is only available in Auckland but there are plans to expand to other parts of New Zealand and Australia.

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Laundrapp to launch washing service in 15 more countries

British on-demand laundry app Laundrapp lets users have their washing picked up, cleaned and dropped off. Laundrapp has set the goal of launching its service in 15 countries by the end of 2017.

Laundrapp’s service is currently available in 100 cities in the UK. The app has been downloaded around 250,000 times with the majority of its users based in London.

According to Ed Relf “The big opportunity here is changing consumer habit and behaviour over domestic cleaning and laundry. It’s a very old and traditional industry in the way it operates and outsourcing of laundry is yet to really happen in the UK. But it will happen, especially with digital services like Laundrapp bringing it to the consumers’ homes.”

The market for laundrettes differs around the world, with other countries having large franchises as opposed to the independent high street services in the UK. Laundrapp will license its technology to these major companies as part of its bid to expand internationally.