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Another Australian hospital switches to outsourcing laundry

St. Vincent’s Private Hospital Toowoomba is set to close its OPL and outsource the laundry service to a social enterprise laundry. Bad news? Definitely not!

St. Vincent’s CEO Kathryn McKeefry explained that the hospital wanted to come in line with other hospitals around the country that outsourced work to commercial laundries. This resulted in building a state-of-the-art laundry capable of taking on the most stringent tasks.

Laundry staff and hospital officials recently gathered to celebrate the service’s handover to the soon-to-be opened Vanguard Laundry Service. Vanguard is a social enterprise laundry service established to employ disabled people and not only creating chances for them to create skills, but also to earn money.

Toowoomba Clubhouse CEO Luke Terry said there was no plan to take business away from existing laundries, but with the recent developments of businesses sending their laundry to Brisbane for specialty services it was time to start “bringing your laundry home again”.

The official opening of the laundry will be in February.