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The industry expert title ‘Master in PTC’

The World of PTC business school is a training & education program, specifically designed for professional laundry and dry cleaning stakeholders. Completion of the full program will earn you the internationally acknowledged title ‘Master in PTC’.

The full program comprises three levels of education: You will find easy accessible information on retail textile cleaning and industrial textile services on the level of Starter (level C), Operational Excellence (level B) and Management (level A). The content describes best practices in processing, technical know-how and management. It doesn’t matter where or when, the business school facilitates!

To become a true ‘Master in PTC’ the course material is combined with practical training (level C and level B) . Upon preference students can choose to study via 24/7 e-learning in combination with the practical training, or personal workshops/webinars in combination with practical training. Both paths lead to the title ‘Master in PTC’.

Through this initiative CINET aims to strengthen and stimulate the development of the PTC (Professional Textile Care) industry.

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World of PTC Business School Indonesia – workshops 2017!

Jakarta March 26th; Good visitor numbers, excellent networking, industry growth and a professional organisation. EXPO Laundry appeared to become an important gateway to the Indonesia professional Laundry and textile cleaning market and the region.

Over 200 exhibitors, some 10% further increase in visitor numbers and a full range of workshops and conferences organised by several National Associations and supported by CINET were involved. Overall a great success and opening new opportunities for the show next year taking place from March 27 – 29 in the same venue.

March is marking the rainy season in Indonesia, however on the show the sun was shining brightly. The Official Opening Ceremony set the standard marking the economic and trade development of Indonesia, being the 4th biggest country of the world in population. Though not all big brands were present a vast number of (inter-)national suppliers were exhibiting or represented by their distributors. Business seem ok and exhibitors were reporting good results and committed to participate also in future events.

The Laundry exhibits were good represented and balancing out the cleaning part of the event. That was for sure also the case in the workshops and conferences. The APLI, ASLI and HIPLI laundry associations were presenting a well attended workshop and Conference program covering new technologies, marketing and sales issues, as well as motivation, labour topics and international perspectives. A full 2 day’s program with over 50 speeches were well received by hundreds of participants.

CINET’s World of PTC Business School
Following earlier contacts with the Indonesian associations CINET contributed to the conferences with presentations on latest trends in market and technology developments, education and training in professional retail and industrial laundries.

Activity Plan 2017
At the show cooperation agreements were signed and plans agreed upon for a full package of Education & Training for the retail and laundry industry within 5 Indonesian regions this year. This program is supported by international and regional suppliers and prepared under the umbrella of the World of PTC Business School Indonesia.
Full information and registration is provided via a new PTC Magazine Indonesia as well as the CINET website.

The workshop program comprises five days of professional Laundry & Dry Cleaning training, including both theoretical and practical instructions.

For more information about these workshops and the complete workshop agenda 2017 please visit the website, where you can register for the workshops as well.

Check out the CINET Indonesia video now with the highlights of Expo Laundry!

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Cooperation between CINET and NRV – Norway

The World of PTC (WoPTC) Business School finds its way to Norway. In line with the policy of the Business School, a cooperation agreement has been signed with NRV. This will make the contents of the business school available to the Norwegian market.

As part of the cooperation agreement NRV, the Norwegian association for textile cleaning, will include the Business School materials into their services, taking into account the Norwegian legislation and other country specific rules and regulations. Tailoring the WoPTC Business School to the Norwegian market.

More about the World of PTC Business School
CINET started an academy for textile care professionals. This academy will be operational worldwide, providing easy accessible information to businesses in the Professional Textile Care industry. The World of PTC Business School is a start-up, offering e-learning, workshops, on-the-job training and company CERCLEAN® certification on a global scale, supporting the business challenges of the modern PTC industry.

Sharing knowledge
Over many years laundry and textile cleaning companies have gathered information, experiences and practices, continuously improving the PTC business. PTC has evolved in technology, in marketing and best practice working methodologies. Easy accessible through online media and practical on the spot training by experienced PTC experts. That’s the main driver to initiate the World of PTC Business School. CINET is merely facilitating: the content is coming from the PTC industry itself. Joint projects with suppliers, associations and research institutes leads to new knowledge. The World of PTC Business School incorporates this new knowledge into both standardised and tailor made packages, online and offline, accessible through one academy/platform.

More information
Please visit for more information, or contact the CINET secretariat.